'Criminal Minds' EP Talks Season 13 Cliffhanger and Plans for Uncertain Season 14

'Criminal Minds' EP Talks Season 13 Cliffhanger and Plans for Uncertain Season 14

Although CBS has renewed a large portion of its lineup, the fate of Criminal Minds is still up in the air. Any anxiety that fans had about the future of the series wasn't relieved by the season 13 finale. In an eerily similar situation to the season 12 capper, Criminal Minds left things off on a cliffhanger with two agents' lives in danger. Viewers will have to wait to see what happens but series boss, Erica Messer, has definite plans.

The fate of Criminal Minds still being uncertain isn't too bizarre. The renewal of the series has been left to the last minute in recent years, for a number of behind-the-scenes factors. The fact that Criminal Minds hasn't been renewed yet suggests very little about its future. In fact, Messer is very confident about the show's chances. Even though she knows nothing for certain, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly Messer explained that she's already aggressively planning out season 14 and the aftermath of the cliffhanger. 

"I feel that we have been such a good show for CBS for so long, and we have such a loyal fan base who has been with us through ups and downs. It would almost be a crime to not allow us to finish out our show," Messer explained. "That's how strongly I feel, they wouldn't let us just go off and into the sunset like that. I'm profiling CBS to say I don't think they would be that cruel."

If and when Criminal Minds is renewed for season 14 it will be coming back on its landmark episode 300. The season 13 finale was episode 299 and Messer made a concerted effort to have the finale to build up to that big milestone, even if no one knows for sure if it'll happen. 

Messer didn't reveal if the antagonist of the season 13 finale, a cult of serial killers, would continue throughout season 14. However, the plan is definitely for them to feature big in the potential season 14 premiere. 

"We knew we wanted to take it to an unexpected place," Messer said. "The idea of a cult is something that's been done before, but the idea of a specific cult of people who are not only willing to kill but might actually have joy in doing it felt very unique to Criminal Minds, especially in terms of a 300th episode, which we are heading into. We got excited and decided that would be a tease at the end of episode 299, so in 300 we could really run with the 'why now' of it all."

Messer and the Criminal Minds crew are definitely taking a gamble with the cliffhanger. Hopefully it is one that will pay off. Even if it's just for one final episode or a TV movie, Criminal Minds needs to return. 

The show didn't just leave the fates of two agents in danger, they were two of the most popular characters, Reid and Garcia. Even though the two are almost certainly going to survive, fans should still should get to know for sure. 

Criminal Minds might've added a few too many characters and lost their way recently, although Messer explained that she thinks going into season 14, the show is "doing great" and doesn't need to have any more characters than the current group. Yet CBS should at least give the show a chance to wrap this current huge storyline. A cult of serial killers is too quintessentially Criminal Minds to be left hanging without a resolution. 

What are your thoughts? How upset will you be if Criminal Minds doesn't come back? How will the cliffhanger resolve? How should it resolve?

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