CBS Makes Failed Pilot 'Super Clyde' Available Online

CBS Makes Failed Pilot 'Super Clyde' Available Online

In a rare occurrence, a failed pilot is able to see the light of day with the network's blessing.

While CBS passed on 'Super Clyde,' the comedy pilot starring Rupert Grint (the 'Harry Potter' film series) and created by Greg Garcia ('My Name Is Earl,' 'Raising Hope'), the network has given the greenlight to make the half hour available online.

The show stars Grint as the titular character, a shy but well-meaning young man just trying to get by in life who is suddenly presented with a major inheritance from his rich uncle. While his siblings choose to indulge in their own selfish fantasies, Clyde decides to follow in his eccentric uncle's footsteps and use the money to perform anonymous good samaritan deeds for those that need it.

Garcia sent out an e-mail to various news sites announcing the network's decision to make the pilot available on its website. "I shot a pilot for CBS called 'Super Clyde' this spring and it didn't wind up on their fall schedule. But the good people at CBS have been kind enough to make the pilot available online," he wrote. "I'm really proud of this show... a lot of people worked really hard on the pilot and I think it deserves to be seen."

Although we won't get any more episodes, the half-hour pilot is worth a watch, having much the same irreverent humor and heart that Garcia's other series have boasted. Grint is right at home as the socially awkward titular character, and Stephen Fry is always a welcome sight. Aside from the cheap fat jokes with Clyde's sister, there were few misfires. Chalk it up to another case of The Curse of Tyler Labine, an actor who despite being immensely talented seems to be the kiss of death to any shows he's cast in (the short-lived 'Reaper,' 'Invasion,' 'Mad Love,' and 'Sons of Tucson,' to name a few).

Watched the episode at here and let us know what you think in the comments!

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