Casting Bits: 'OUAT' Casts Hercules, Gaius Charles Joins 'Blindspot' and More

Casting Bits: 'OUAT' Casts Hercules, Gaius Charles Joins 'Blindspot' and More

Find out who's joining the casts of Blindspot, Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time and more in the latest casting news roundup.
Gaius Charles on Blindspot
TVLine has reported that the Friday Night Lights and Grey's Anatomy veteran will join the freshman hit by NBC, Blindspot. Charles will have a guest starring role in an upcoming episode of this season playing the role of Charlie Napier, an army sergeant with a certain something in common with Jane. 

Bill Smitrovich on Grey's Anatomy

The seasoned TV veteran will make his first debut on Grey's Anatomy as a therapist. It hasn't been announced yet just which doctor is seeing this therapist, but let's be honest, each of them could benefit from some counseling.

Georgina Haig on Limitless

Limitless is bringing on this familiar face to play a new character, says io9. The Fringe star is set for the recurring role of Piper, a girl who was once like Brian, naive and sheltered, but has since lost everything. She now trains in combat to seek revenge on the man who took everything away.

Jonathan Whitesell, Kacey Rohl and Victoria Smurfitt on Once Upon a Time

TVLine has reported that Jonathan Whitesell and Kacey Rohl ( Hannibal) have been cast as Hercules and Meg, respectively. The two will make their debut appearances in Storybrooke in episode 13 of season 5.

Additionally, Cruella de Vil is coming back to reclaim her throne. Smurfitt will return later in the fifth season of the series to reprise her role as the animal-controlling with. Unfortunately, she won't make an apeearance in Once Upon a Time's 100th episode, which will bring back lots of other familiar faces like Peter Pan and the Magic Mirror.  

Eliza Coupe on Quantico

Quantico is recruiting this Happy Endings alum for a serious arc, says TVLine. Her character, Hannah Wyland, graduated from the FBI academy seven years ago. She is full of ambition, confidence and striking good looks. She's surpassed her competition her entire life. From her official character description, "she can turn on the soap, sex and romance, but at heart she's a hardcore career agent with countless notches in her belt."

James McDaniel on Sleepy Hollow

Say hello to Papa Mills. James McDaniel of NYPD Blue will play the role of Abbie and Jenny's absent father, Ezra Mills. Abbie has been tracking her father down for some time, but now they'll finally come face to face. Ezra's newfound interest in his daughters' lives throws things for a bit of a whirlwind.

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