Casting Bits: Katherine Heigl Joins 'Suits,' 'Once Upon a Time' Casts Prince Naveen and More

Casting Bits: Katherine Heigl Joins 'Suits,' 'Once Upon a Time' Casts Prince Naveen and More

There's a been a flood of casting news lately. In the wake of Suits' recent renewal and departure of two main stars, a big name has been added to the series. Likewise,  House of Cards has added two movie stars after the firing of former series lead Kevin Spacey. Elsewhere,  Once Upon a Time is seemingly preparing for another great love story -- and that's just the tip of the casting iceberg.

Katherine Heigl Joins Suits as Series Regular

Suits season 8 is losing Mike and Rachel but it'll be adding a familiar TV face. TVLine reports that Katherine Heigl has been added to the cast as series regular for the recently announced season 8. The actress, known for her roles on Grey's Anatomy and State of Affairs, will make her first appearance in season 8. 

Heigl will play Samantha Wheeler, who enters the show as a new partner at Pearson Specter Litt. The character is described as someone who "challenges the status quo and will either become the firm's greatest ally or most powerful enemy."

Grey's Anatomy Planning Transgender Arc with Candis Cayne

Grey's Anatomy will continue to explore transgender issues in season 14. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Candis Cayne, who was one of the first openly transgender actresses to play a transgender character, has been cast in Grey's Anatomy for a multi-episode arc. Cayne will play a transgender patient who will come to Grey Sloan for a "groundbreaking" surgery. 

The arc is inspired by the real-life story of Hayley Anthony. Anthony is a trans woman who helped the director of surgery at the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery come up with new procedures for vaginoplasty. 

Jeff Pierre Cast as Prince Naveen on Once Upon a Time

As is typical for the series, Once Upon a Time has remixed the story of Princess and the Frog for the series. Yet Princess Tiana will still be meeting her Prince sometime in season 7. Deadline reports that Jeff Pierre, who has appeared on Shameless and Beyond, will play Prince Naveen, Tiana's love interest from the Disney movie. 

It's unclear whether the Once Upon a Time versions of the characters will also fall in love. However, Naveen will appear in the March 9 episode of Once Upon a Time, entitled "A Taste of the Heights." The Once Upon a Time version of Naveen is described as having a fun-loving exterior but inside he's a person dealing with deep tragedy. 

Archie Panjabi Returns to Blindspot

Nas Kamal will be back to ask Weller and Jane for a favor on Blindspot. TV Insider reports that Archie Panjabi is returning to Blindspot for season 3. Panjabi last appeared at the end of season 2 where her character took responsibility for the failure of the NSA working with the FBI in Project Sandstorm. Punjabi will return as Kamal by asking Weller and Jane's team to go on a dangerous undercover mission for the NSA. 

Glee Alum Joins Flash as New Villain

The Arrow-verse is adding another actor from Glee. The Flash and Supergirl leads, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist, are two of the most notable Glee alums in the multiverse. However, the Arrow-verse has used various Glee actors in roles big and small, most recently with Darren Criss as the Music Meister. 

According to Flash TV News for The Flash season 4, actor Max Adler can be added to the list of Glee actors who have crossed over to the superhero world. Adler, who played David Karofsky on Glee, will be playing the latest Flash villain. Adler's Flash character is named Jaco Birch, a seemingly original creation for the series. Birch is a heavy metal roadie who "loves to set things on fire," which does make him sound a little like Legends of Tomorrow's Heat Wave. 

Tembi Locke Lands Recurring Role on NCIS: Los Angeles

The NCIS: Los Angeles team will have some company in season 9. Deadline reports that Tembi Locke has been cast in a recurring role for the current season. Locke, who most recently appeared on S.W.A.T., will play Leigha Winters. Leigha Winters is "a powerful executive at an investment bank who assumes control after the death of the firm's head."

Evan Gamble Joins Fear the Walking Dead

The new season of Fear the Walking Dead is adding more to its cast than Morgan from The Walking Dead. Deadline reports that Evan Gamble has been cast in a recurring role for Fear the Walking Dead season 4. The anticipated and mysterious new season of the series will welcome Gamble as Ennis. Ennis appears to be a bit of villain for Fear the Walking Dead described as a rough-around-the-edges character who only looks out for himself. 

Sofia Carson Joins Pretty Little Liars Spin-Off

The Pretty Little Liars spin-off, The Perfectionists, hasn't been ordered to series just yet. The cast, however, is starting to expand. Deadline reports that Sofia Carson has been cast in a major role for The Perfectionists pilot. Carson will star opposite Pretty Little Liars alums Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish as new character Ava. There's little known about Ava other than she's a blogger who strives to be a fashion icon. 

Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear Join Final Season of House of Cards 

There's more cast shake-ups coming to House of Cards after  the infamous ousting of Kevin Spacey. TV Guide reports in the wake of Spacey's firing, the Netflix drama has added two big names for major roles. 

Diana Lane and Greg Kinnear have joined the final season of House of Cards There are no details about the role that either movie star will be playing. However, given both actors' statuses, the characters are bound to be rather important.

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