'Big Brother 17' Spoilers: Who Won the 'Chopped' Cook-Off?

'Big Brother 17' Spoilers: Who Won the 'Chopped' Cook-Off?

How do you know when things have reached a new level of boredom in the Big Brother 17 house? When the HGs organize a cooking competition inspired by the Food Network show Chopped, battling it out to decide which pair are the best chefs.

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On Monday night, a cooking competition was held with Liz and Austin (Team Liztin) vs. Julia and James (Team Hiss, as in the sound a cat makes). Vanessa hosted with Meg, Becky and Johnny Mac as judges, despite the fact that John and Vanessa are Have-Nots so they couldn't taste any of the food.
It was actually rather funny, with Liz and Julia taking the lead chef roles while James and Austin were constantly yelled at and criticized for doing everything wrong. It's only appropriate that James wore the twins' kitty hat while Austin refused to wear a shirt during the competition.

In true Chopped fashion, they had three rounds: Appetizer, Entrée and Dessert. In each round, they were given two scores on a scale of 1-10, one for Presentation and one for Taste. It was a best two out of three competition, with the losers having to do all of the dishes.

The Appetizers

Julia and James made a taco with a pan-fried corn tortilla featuring diced lemon garlic chicken, fresh salsa and homemade guacamole. The judges loved it, especially the lemon, but wanted some dairy.  Liz and Austin made a five-cheese quesadilla with a Southwest salsa featuring fresh tomatoes, pepper and avocado. It was a "cheese shit show," according to Becky.

Julia and James scored a 9 for Presentation and an 8 for Taste while Liztin got a 7 for Presentation and 6.5 for Taste.

The Entrees

Liz and Austin prepared a chicken cordon bleu and mixed vegetable with cashers covered in a mushroom cream sauce. The judges enjoyed it a lot, especially the veggies, but felt it was slightly salty. Julia and James made five-cheese macaroni and cheese with a Corn Flake crust and maple bacon, topped with fresh tomatoes. The maple syrup was a weird and pleasant surprise for Meg.

Julia and James scored an 8.5 for Presentation and a 7.5 for Taste while Liztin got a 9 for Presentation and 8 for Taste. Overall, that left Julia and James ahead by 2.5 points.

The Desserts

Julia and James made a pancake crepe with caramelized bananas, chocolate-covered strawberries and a side of vanilla ice cream. Scandal erupted over a hair in Becky's crepe and the judges weren't wild about dueling fruits or the chocolate. Liz and Austin prepared Gnutella French Toast with blueberries, chopped pistachios and maple-glazed bananas. Liztin's was easily the favorite.

Julia and James scored an 8.5 for Presentation and a 7.5 for Taste while Liztin got a 8.5 for Presentation and 9 for Taste.

Despite the fact that, overall, Julia and James were ahead by a point, Liztin won the second two rounds. Therefore, Liztin were the winners!

It was an exciting two and a half hours of entertainment, even if the actual gameplay of the season seems to be taking a nosedive with everyone wanting to make an alliance with Austin and the twins.

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