'Becoming Us' Season 1 Finale Recap: Sutton's Big Day Arrives

'Becoming Us' Season 1 Finale Recap: Sutton's Big Day Arrives

In the season 1 finale of Becoming Us, "EveryPictureTellsAStory," family and friends attend Ben's photography exhibit, Daniel makes a big decision, Carly continues to recover after her heart attack and everyone gathers for Sutton's wedding.

Both Sutton and Ben have big events coming up and both are distracted by the health issues of loved ones. Carly is still in the hospital after her heart attack, and Sutton's soon-to-be father-in-law is still undergoing chemo. Both are doing better, but it is questionable if either will make it to Sutton and Kevin's wedding.

Ben Has Doubts

Ben's first photography exhibit is looming, but Carly definitely cannot attend, which has Ben questioning if he should move forward with it or not. Carly says that even though she can't be present, there's no reason Ben should cancel.

Daniel and Danielle Take Steps Forward

Daniel tells Danielle and Mandy that he's going to start going by the moniker Sally Dan. He doesn't expect Mandy or Danielle to feel obligated to refer to him as such, and he doesn't want Danielle to call him mom. He makes it clear that he is and always will be Danielle's dad.

Mandy thinks this is great news. She thinks that the more Daniel identifies with becoming Sally Dan, the happier he becomes. In the premiere, Danielle made it clear that Daniel still identified himself with male pronouns, but now Danielle is referring to Sally Dan as she.

Things may be going well for Danielle at home, but she's still conflicted about her break-up with Ben. He invited her to his photography exhibit, and she feels like she should go because they are still trying to be friends. Danielle asks her friend Sarah to come along for moral support.

Ben's Big Night

Ben's big night arrives, and the whole gang comes out to show their support, including Sally Dan. Lathan shows up with Chris, and they quickly bond with Sally Dan, who tells them how much she admires the younger generation for starting to understand and embrace their gender identity issues at a younger age. Lathan is thrilled to see Sally Dan so confident, and it makes him feel as if the world is becoming more compassionate and accepting of people.

Everybody also gets to meet Ben's new main squeeze, Gavynn, including Danielle. When Danielle arrives, he goes to give his ex a big hug, but she backs off, telling him she's not happy with him. Danielle thinks it's weird to be hanging around Ben and his girlfriend, but she swears she's fine with it and glad he's moved on.

So why is she not happy with him? Sometimes with men, it's all about the execution, and Ben hasn't been especially sensitive to Danielle's feelings, even when they were a couple. Or she could just be seriously pissed that he moved on so quickly or that he invited her without giving her a heads-up that Gavynn would be there. Ahh, the angst of teen love.

Ben's pictures are gorgeous, but his artistry is a tad upstaged by some minor melodrama. Brook has a new man in her life, Rob. He's 12 years older than Ayton and is, according to Brook, "a breath of fresh air."

Gavynn tries her best to connect with Danielle, and once Gavynn admits that she doesn't think she and Ben will ever be as close as he and Danielle were, Danielle warms up a bit. They both acknowledge that it's an awkward situation, but Gavynn seems to win Ben's ex over with her earnestness. Danielle decides they might even be able to become friends.

Danielle tells Ben how sorry she was to hear about Carly and hopes that she'll be okay. Danielle also says she spent some time talking with Gavynn and thinks she's a pretty cool chick. The two hug it out.

Carly may not have been in attendance, but her presence is felt by everyone, and Ben makes a point to ask everyone to keep Carly in their thoughts and prayers. And while Ben feels the night was a success, he can't help feeling the void of Carly's absence.

On the Mend

Carly's home from the hospital, and Suzy stops by to check on her. Suzy may get really angry at Carly or get irritated, but they spent 20 years together and that time can't just be erased. It's important to Suzy that Carly is okay. Carly may be out of the woods, but she's got a way to go before she's fully recovered. She needs another surgery and will be undergoing physical therapy.

Nothing like a near-death experience to make people stop sweating the small stuff. Some might argue that your ex becoming a woman isn't exactly small, but in the end, Suzy still loves Carly, and her attitude towards Carly is softening. Suzy's gone from not wanting Carly to come to Sutton's wedding to genuinely hoping she's present.

A Happy Ending

Everybody, including Carly and Kevin's dad, Floyd, arrives in NYC for the wedding. The vibe is great and it's all about the love. There's no chance Carly is upstaging the bride, who looks ethereal in her gown.

I've seen a lot of reality TV weddings, and I'm pretty cynical, but I actually teared up as Sutton makes her way down the aisle. Hell, I didn't cry at my own wedding.

With Becoming Us' lackluster ratings, I'm not sure if there are, or ever were, plans for a second season. I have no doubt that this family isn't as photogenic or as high-profile as the Kardashians and the Jenners; that Carly isn't a former Olympic athlete who married into a family of fame mongers may have worked against its success. But I learned a lot, and I hope that everyone else who tuned in or read these recaps learned something too. Cait may have stolen Carly's thunder, but Ben, Carly, Suzy, Sutton, Danielle, Lathan, Ayton, Brook, Kevin, Sally Dan and Mandy, and their respective journeys of self-discovery, have been chronicled in a genuine way.

"Yeah, my family doesn't look like everybody else's. But, really, I just don't care." -- Ben

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