'Becoming Us' Recap: An Unexpected Setback for Carly

'Becoming Us' Recap: An Unexpected Setback for Carly

In this episode of Becoming Us, "#Blindsided," Sutton and Kevin receive upsetting news that could delay their trip down the aisle, Carly and Suzy make peace, Ben has a new love interest and Carly deals with a health crisis.

Ben's got a new girlfriend, and the vibe is definitely different than when he was with Danielle. They are way more kissy. Her name is Gavin, and she shares his love of photography. And while she may not have a transgender parent, she knows all about Carly, as this is their primary topic of conversation the first time viewers get a look at Danielle 2.0.

Ben Moves On

Speaking of Danielle, she learns about her "friend" Ben's new love interest via social media because breakups aren't hard enough without having your ex's every exploit thrown in your face. At least she found out when she was with her bestie, Sarah, who, like a very good friend, immediately points out that Gavin is a definite downgrade.

Then, like all women, they overthink the situation to death. Did Ben post the pic to get under Danielle's skin? Word of advice, ladies -- men, even young ones, just aren't that duplicitous. Danielle swears she's unfazed, but it's obvious she does. Any girl would. It's our nature to give a shit.

Bad News for Sutton and Kevin

Sutton tells her mom some devastating news, Her fiance's father has been diagnosed with leukemia. Things are so bad that he was immediately admitted to the hospital. Sutton is heartbroken because she's grown very close to Kevin's father and now wonders if it's appropriate or a good idea to move forward with the wedding.

Later, Sutton video chats with Kevin, and she admits that she feels she should be by his side and not in Chicago. Kevin's dad is dealing with the toll that seven days of non-stop chemo can have on a body.

Kevin admits to feeling "removed" when it comes to the wedding, and while some may believe choosing whether or not to move forward is a no-brainer, it's getting down to the wire, plans are in place, and it's not an easy decision for the couple to make about whether or not to cancel. Kevin is hoping for the best but expecting the worst. His father wants them to go ahead, but Kevin can't fathom the idea of doing it without his father present.

A New Woman

Carly gets a nice welcome home from Ben, complete with balloons, and she's touched by the gesture. Everything is all good under the new hood, if you pick up what I'm putting down. Their first convo is about how Carly is learning to pee all over again.

I'm still a bit queasy from getting all the deets about the operations. Carly also had her trachea shaved to minimize the appearance of her Adam's apple, which makes Ben squeamish.

Ben questions if Carly will be good to go for Sutton's wedding, and Carly hopes so. Ben offers to help out in any way he can, and his efforts don't go unnoticed or unappreciated by Carly.

I will admit that when Ben asks if he can take a picture of the new and improved Carly, I briefly thought he meant her brand-new girly parts. My bad. He just meant some run-of-the-mill snapshots.

Moving Forward

Things are moving very quickly between Chris and Lathan. These crazy lovebirds are already planning to move in together. It seems crazy, but they're young and in love, and what better time to make spontaneous decisions?

Suzy video chats with Carly. After their recent blow-up, it's probably better than showing up in person. Carly is a bit icy. Suzy has mixed feelings about their last interaction over coffee. Suzy feels empowered that she got to speak her mind, but she also feels the delivery may have been lacking in some ways.

Carly decides to take the bull by the horns and try to clear the air. She acknowledges that Suzy is obviously pissed and has every right to be. But Carly says, in the end, it is what it is, what's done is done, and she wants to stay friends with Suzy. Suzy doesn't think one fight means they're dunzo, but the ugly nature of their disagreement left a bad taste in Carly's mouth.

I appreciate Carly telling Suzy that they spent 20 years together and, during that time, he always loved Suzy. Many couples split and are happy to forget a shared history, which is unrealistic and unnecessary. Carly did engage in some self-destructive behavior, but she's never done anything but own that.

Suzy is softening, and she notices that Carly is softer too. Not so sharp around the edges, more at peace, and she's happy to see it.

Carly herself admits that the surgery hasn't brought inner peace. There's still demons there, but at least having her body in alignment with what she saw for herself is a big step in the right direction.

Six Weeks Later

Ben is happy, still with Gavin and preparing for his first art show. He's invited Danielle, but the two aren't as chummy as perhaps Ben thought they would be.

It's 10 weeks until Sutton and Kevin's wedding. Kevin's dad is holding his own, but whether or not he'll be able to attend the big event is still a question mark.

But another unexpected crisis arises: Carly has a heart attack. Her heart stopped two times, and Carly recalls how her last thoughts were of Ben and then just peace. How very American Beauty.

Carly may have her detractors, but everybody rallies around her, Suzy's family included, during this crisis. The heart attack had nothing to do with the SRS surgery. It was due to hereditary factors and a 30-year smoking habit.

This show, this family, if nothing else, has accurately illustrated how life is a series of problems to be solved, again and again and again, until you die. I can't take credit for some of the most pragmatic and profound words ever uttered on television; I got that gem from Downton Abbey.
Becoming Us airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC Family.



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