'Arrow' Recap: Constantine Arrives in Star City to Save Sara

'Arrow' Recap: Constantine Arrives in Star City to Save Sara

Fans might not have been able to save Constantine when it appeared on NBC, but their lead actor and character has been given new life on Arrow. "Haunted" saw John Constantine introduced in the Arrow-verse and it was a great success. In fact, I'd say Constantine worked better on Arrow than he did on his own show. The only negative of John's first Arrow appearance was that there wasn't enough of the cockney demon hunter. Though that might be for the best because "Haunted" was an episode all about Laurel and Oliver's friendship. Something that hasn't really been focused on since Season 2. Thankfully it was worth the wait. 

The Scandal of Sara Lance

While Sara is on a crazy animal-like murdering spree, Oliver is getting campaign advice from the new sexy adviser that Thea hired, Alex Davis. Alex tells Oliver that his past scandals, specifically the sinking of the Queen's Gambit, could negatively effect his campaign. Alex says that if Oliver wants to win the election, he is going to have to distance himself from Laurel altogether. 

Thea isn't so sure that is the right thing to do considering everything that Laurel and Oliver have been through. Yet, Laurel might be causing a bit of distancing all by herself. Felicity tells Oliver and Thea about a woman who is killing people downtown. They rush off to find her and to the surprise of exactly no one (but Oliver) it's Sara and Oliver is not too happy about the whole thing.

Flash Drive Troubles

Felicity enlists the help of Curtis to find something on the flash drive that Ray left her. She thinks that there might be an extra message recorded that she can't decipher. Felicity has another computer problem though. Lance comes to Felicity because Damien has given him another mission also involving a flash drive.

Lance must upload a computer virus to some database. Felicity doesn't have time to decode the virus though. Instead, Oliver sends Diggle to work with Lance. Diggle is fine with this. The closer Lance gets to Damien, the closer the team is to taking down the organization that killed Diggle's brother, Andrew. When Lance and Diggle upload the virus, they discover that it erases files with people's names on them. One of the files is none other than Andrew Diggle's.

Lance vs Queen (Twice)

Oliver and Felicity look into the women that Sara has been attacking and discover something of their own. They all look like Thea. Sara is hunting Thea, the woman who killed her. Oliver tries to warn Thea, but Sara has already found her. Sara breaks into Thea and Laurel's apartment and kicks the poop out of Thea. Despite the fact that both women are around five feet tall and probably weight 200 pounds combined, this is easily one of the most brutal Arrow fights in history. Thea barely escapes with her life and ends up in the hospital.
This event further exacerbates Oliver's anger at Laurel, especially when he learns that Thea had to kill two men to satisfy her bloodlust in Nanda Parbat. Oliver confronts Laurel about all of this, but Laurel fights back. Laurel says that Oliver doesn't see her as an equal or even trusts her. Laurel's decision to bring Sara back is totally stupid, but she is also totally justified in her anger. Oliver deserves this scolding has much as Laurel deserved her own violent tongue bashing she received from Oliver in Season 2 when she got drunk at a dinner party.

Enter Constantine (in Flashback)

Normally, I would save this info for the very end of the recap, but the flashback break has to come a bit early. It is on the island that Oliver Queen meets John Constantine for the first time. Constantine is there to find some place of mystical power and he forces the militia to lead Oliver be his guide. It's pretty accurate to say that he kidnaps Oliver. The trip to the place of power is all very Indiana Jones, meaning it's awesome. Constantine finds a magical wand of sorts and leaves the island. He gives Oliver two parting gifts before he leaves a bauble to satisfy the militia's greed and a magical tattoo that might/definitely will save Oliver's life one day. 

Enter Constantine (in Present Day)

Oliver decides to do something about Sara. She needs her soul restored and so here enters John Constantine. Oliver captures Sara with a tranq-arrow and calls Constantine. It's best not to question why it took all these years for Oliver to call John. A magician would've been helpful way before now. It's also not best to think about when Oliver and John had time to exchange digits on the island. 

Constantine is generally splendid and hilarious. He performs a ritual that sends Laurel, Oliver and himself into some other dimension. In this other world, they need to find Sara's soul and free it. Luckily, arrows seem to kill things in this odd world as easily as they do in the real world. This is also very Indiana Jones meaning it's awesome. It is tad too quick though. As far as I'm concerned, this is a whole episode's worth of material crammed into eight or so minutes. Whatever. It works. Sara's soul is restored to her body. 

Death and Life Revelations

Constantine leaves Star City but not before opening the door for a return. Constantine does tell Oliver that he knows Damien Darhk and the best thing Oliver could do is run far away. Constantine's visit also brings Laurel and Oliver back together. They both apologize to one another. Oliver tells Alex that he won't distance himself from Laurel to win the election.

Lance goes to confront Damien about why Andrew's name was on the list that he erased. Damien confesses why HIVE had Andrew killed. Apparently Andrew began to become a bit of a crime lord in HIVE territory and so, HIVE decided that they needed to eliminate him. Lance gets a file and shows it to Diggle. This proof oddly comforts Diggle because he finally knows the truth about his brother's killing.

Curtis decodes the message from Ray and it turns out that it is not a message beyond the grave, but instead,  just a regular old message because Ray's alive. It's not that big of a deal though because anyone who knows anything about the upcoming spin-off Legends of Tomorrow has already known that Ray is alive for months. In addition, "Haunted" is pretty much an entire episode setting up Sara's eventual appearance on Legends of Tomorrow, so we can't be that surprised.  

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