'American Horror Story: Cult' Poll: Which Main Character Will Make It to the End?

'American Horror Story: Cult' Poll: Which Main Character Will Make It to the End?

Every season of American Horror Story sees the majority of the cast killed. This has been the pattern from the very first season, so fans expect it to happen this season. With just three main characters left in American Horror Story: Cult, there are many theories on who will survive. Which character do you think will make it to the very end?

Kai Anderson

Evan Peters' Kai is one of the scariest characters ever created. He has no supernatural powers and didn't start in a position of authority, but he has managed to convince people to do dastardly actions. The idea that he could convince a man to chop his own hand off to vote suggests that he holds enough charisma and grace to make it through to the end.

However, he's the bad guy in the whole series. Despite learning his past and the reason for setting up the cult in the first place, he has continued to surpass beliefs in his evil and creepy actions. He has literally killed to avoid competition and gain votes. This could all come back to haunt him, as people realize what he really is. This could lead to his death in the end, whether by cult members or in prison.

Ally Mayfair-Richards

Sarah Paulson has the title of being Ryan Murphy's "finale girl." She has made it to the end of every season in some way, although not always as the character she started the show as. In American Horror Story: Roanoke, her character Audrey was killed, but she returned to reprise Asylum's Lana Winters. It wouldn't be surprising if she made it to the end of Cult in some way.

However, will it be as Ally? Ally has certainly seen major character growth throughout the season. Initially weak and full of fear, Ally has been able to manipulate even the cult mastermind, Kai. She could manipulate her way to the end and escape with her son, Oz.

Of course, her fears could come back. Her manipulation may not completely work, and there is the chance Oz will turn against her and become the next cult leader depending how much he has been turned by Kai.

Beverly Hope

Adina Porter made it to the very end of Roanoke as Lee Harris, but will she make it to the end of American Horror Story: Cult? Beverly is a smart woman and has been able to manipulate events around her. While she appeared scared of the cult acting against her in the last season, it is possible that she was just biding her time to get revenge against Winter. This could lead to others turning against her, as they can't trust her not to turn against them.

However, Beverly's lack of trust in anyone could also work in her favor. While it looks like she is going to work with Ally in the season finale, there is a strong chance she has her own plans and will kill Ally before she can be killed.

The American Horror Story: Cult season finale airs on Tuesday at 8/7c on FX.


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