Abby Lee Miller Released from Prison -- Will She Return to 'Dance Moms'?

Abby Lee Miller Released from Prison -- Will She Return to 'Dance Moms'?

Abby Lee Miller has served (most) of her prison time. The former Dance Moms star was sentenced to one year of prison, after being convicted for 20 counts of fraud that amounted to hiding $755,000 in income from the government. Abby served 8 months of her sentence and is now out of jail, but her future with Dance Moms is still uncertain.
According to TMZ, Abby's not completely out of the woods. Though she has been released from prison, she's been relocated to a halfway house, where she'll serve the remainder of her sentence. Currently, she's set for release on May 25.

At Abby's current facility, which is called the Residential Reentry Center, she's being provided  a "safe, structured and supervised environment." She'll be offered employment counseling and financial management, as well as job placement. 

It's also being reported that Abby could go back and appear on Dance Moms, if given the opportunity or desire. No part of Abby's sentencing had to do with misconduct on Dance Moms, just how she handled the money she received from the show. In fact, Miller reportedly quit the show, she wasn't fired.

Yet that doesn't mean Abby's return to Dance Moms would be seamless one. The outspoken reality star had a very contentious relationship with the series as she entered prison and Dancing with the Stars' Cheryl Burke was named as Abby's replacement for host. If Abby didn't burn bridges with her comments after Dance Moms, she at least charred the bridge. 

Dance Moms also happened to understandably shift following Abby's departure. With Cheryl Burke as host, the series became a lot softer, at least inside the dancing studio. Cheryl is not nearly as tough as Abby. (Outside the dance studio, the eponymous moms were as vicious as ever.) Abby returning full-time to Dance Moms would be a regression for the series and probably put Burke out of a job, which wouldn't be ideal as she was a big "get" for the series. 

If Abby doesn't appear on Dance Moms though, some reality show is sure to snatch her up. Abby is too big a personality and her recent story too wild for her to stay out of the spotlight long. Abby will doubtlessly be on a new reality show once all her time is served. Perhaps she'll even trade places with Cheryl and appear on Dancing with the Stars as a contestant. Abby is reported to have gone through a dramatic weight loss change behind bars, losing over 100 pounds. 

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