8 Amazon Prime Originals You Should Be Watching

8 Amazon Prime Originals You Should Be Watching

Amazon is ready to really compete with Netflix, boasting a vast library selection and exclusive online accessible content. But it's really the original content that could give Netflix a run for its money. With a larger library and a batch of shows already made, Amazon has really hit its  Prime.

Below are 8 great shows worth checking out either their pilot as we anticipate their first season or to catch up on previous seasons.

1. The Cosmopolitans

Young, pretty American expats live in Paris to find love, friendships (with rats probably) and escape their troubles. The script helms from Oscar-nominated screenwriter Whit Stillman, known for his urban bourgeois characters and incredibly dry dialogue. It almost feels like a short film rather than a pilot. There isn't too much plot other than strangers talking with strangers at parties, but it already has brownie points for having Adam Brody and Chloe Sevigny. It's like nothing else we'll find on network or maybe even cable television. 

2. Red Oaks


A breezy coming-of-age show set in the 1980s at a snobby country club, a college freshman learns revelatory secrets from his family while he's just trying to cling on to summer. With nostalgic aesthetics and surprising depth, David Gordon Green sets up a show that is really about having a good time. Fresh and familiar faces pop up on screen to give great life and weight, even as its protagonist just wants to have a good time. 


3. Alpha House

Who needs House of Cards when Alpha House is just as juicy and not nearly as sleazy? The John Goodman comedy is about U.S. Senators who share a house together in D.C. A fresh take on the man-children living together, veteran comics have a natural report with one another for this surprisingly good comedy.

4. Betas

It's Amazon's take on the tech crazed startup industry and it has considerably cred since it came out before HBO's Silicon Valley, but but it's a similiar story: a group of programmers develop an app and face the struggle of being a startup in a sea of millions.

5. Bosch

Corrupt cops never go out of style, so it's fitting that Titus Welliver ( Lost, The Good Wife) is the title character and mildly corrupt LAPD detective. It's about time Welliver has his own show since he's such an intense actor on screen. Pair that with the moral ambiguity of Detective Harry Bosch, a character in Michael Connelly's Bosch book series, and you ave a good series. 


6. The After

X-Files fans will go crazy for this series, where eight strangers must help one another survive a violent, brutal world after an unexplained phenomenon. Definitely riding the post-apocalyptic wave, it will hook in even the biggest of skeptics into checkin gout more episodes.

7. Transparent

Starring Arrested Development favorite Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent examines a Jewish family living in Los Angeles whose life unravels thanks to a flux of family secrets. Its characters are achingly flawed and self-obsessed and the writing is not afraid to take a dark turn. Helmed by Jill Soloway, the pilot straddles the line of comedy and drama, heartwarming and heartbreaking .

8. Mozart in the Jungle

Classical music is the original rock and roll according to Mozart in the Jungle which explores the life of musicians in New York's unexplored underbelly. Melophilos and casual listeners alike will want to see more of the veteran cast, which includes the infamous Malcolm McDowell ( A Clockwork Orange), Broadway goddess Bernadette Peters and Mexican film actor Gael Garcia Bernal ( Y tu mama tambien ).

Did you see a show or two you're interested in trying out? Sign up for a 30-day risk free trial of Amazon Prime . With your subscription you'll get unlimited streaming access, access to Prime music featuring thousands of free songs to download, free shipping on Prime eligible products, and free eBooks.

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