7 Times TV Perfectly Captured Our Fear of Technology

7 Times TV Perfectly Captured Our Fear of Technology

Technology controls our lives. Whether you like it or not, we depend on it for nearly everything these days. Because of this, many people have a lot of fears about what it's capable of doing. Whether those fears are rational or irrational, it certainly doesn't help when a TV show plays to those fears by acting out exactly what we're worried about. Let's take a look at seven times a TV show has perfectly summed up what scares us about technology.

1. The Dangers of Modern Medicine, Bull

In the Bull episode "Bedside Manner," a large piece of technology called Atticus is used to help perform surgeries quicker, using its robotic arms. Unfortunately, a malfunction with the machine causes a woman to have to have an emergency hysterectomy, losing the ability to have children. Depending on a machine to perform a delicate surgery lost this woman the ability to have kids, when a human performing it could have avoided this.

2. Artificial Intelligence Understanding Emotion, Bones

An AI specialist winds up getting killed when he tries to make robots feel human emotion in this season 12 episode of Bones, "The Brain in the Bot." Ian Goldberg developed robots to help children who have autism function better by assisting with social interactions. The robots pick up on facial reactions, and prove to be freakishly good at it -- so much so that the creator was gearing up to use this technology in the sex industry before he got himself killed. If computers can understand us better than we can, we're pretty much screwed.

3. Self-Driving Cars, Silicon Valley

In the first season of Silicon Valley, we got to see Peter's self-driving car. Pretty cool idea, right? Imagine just getting to fall asleep on a road trip and not worry about doing anything. Well, you can't. You should be very worried, as this show proves. The self-driving car malfunctioned and changed Jared's destination location from Palo Alto, CA to the middle of the ocean. Gregory literally had to sit there in fear while a machine took him against his will to the docks. No thanks, think we'll drive ourselves.

4. Getting Instantly Rated Online by Everyone You Meet, Black Mirror

Maybe the only thing bigger than our fear of technology is our fear of being judged. Well, Black Mirror was there to combine those fears for you. In the episode "Nosedive," everyone uses their smartphones to instantly rate every single person they encounter throughout the day, and these ratings are used by companies to offer you perks. Maybe a good incentive to be more pleasant, but it also leaves no room to have a bad day, takes away any form of empathy and would leave us all even more self-conscious of what others think of us than we already are. Yikes.

5. Trusting GPS So Much You Drive into a Lake, The Office

Some people can't even get from their workplace back to their house without depending on a GPS. You can make the excuse that it helps you find the best route depending on traffic, but when you're too reliant on it, you end up like The Office's Michael Scott. He took a right turn instruction from his GPS a little too literally, and took an immediate and non-existent turn into a lake. Pay attention to the road first, not your screen telling you where to go.

6. Losing Internet Across the Planet, South Park

When the WiFi goes out, so many of us have literally no idea what to do with ourselves. South Park caught on to this and showed us the horrifying condition we'd live in without our precious Internet. The world literally went to chaos in the season 12 episode "Over Logging," when the Marsh family was forced to unplug and spend time with each other. We shudder at the mere thought.

7. Getting Strange Powers from an Explosion, The Flash

Okay, this one might not be the worst thing in the world for a lot of people, but it's still a pretty scary thought when you really think about it. What would you do if a piece of technology exploded and its impact had a strange effect on you, giving you the ability to do inhuman things? That's what happened to all the meta-humans affected by the particle accelerator in The Flash. While it may sound great in theory, fans of the show know, not all of these meta-humans turned out as lovely as our Barry Allen.

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