7 Reasons 'Bones' Fans Should Be Watching 'SEAL Team'

7 Reasons 'Bones' Fans Should Be Watching 'SEAL Team'

SEAL Team, David Boreanaz's latest show, has been picked up for a full season order just three episodes in. It's fast-paced, sometimes emotional and full of action. Bones fans will find it the perfect way to fill the gap in their week, whether they want their Boreanaz fix or characters they can connect to. Here are seven reasons Bones fans need to check out SEAL Team.

#7. It's David Boreanaz

Let's get the obvious reason out of the way first. SEAL Team has Boreanaz in the lead, just like Bones did. This is a man who can ace any role given to him. He's been the sadistic Angelus but guilt-ridden Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the confident Seeley Booth in Bones and now the sweet and brave Jason Hayes. Boreanaz will suck you into any show he's in, and his latest is entertaining and emotional at the same time.

#6. The Focus on Relationships

Friendships, romance and family connections are the backbone of both SEAL Team and Bones. While there are focal story points each episode, SEAL Team delves into how the characters interact with each other. We get to see their back stories, what they think of each other and how they support one another when things get tough. This isn't just about working relationships, but the bonds the SEALs have on the outside to help make their lives on the job much easier. It's a character-driven show, making it easy to connect and feel.

#5. Standalone Storylines

Many shows try to have a full-season focal point, with individual episodes working towards the end goal. That isn't the case for either Bones or SEAL Team. While there are some overarching storylines in SEAL Team, the main focus is on the standalone cases for the week. There's no need to feel bogged down with remembering characters from episodes (or in some cases, seasons) ago. Fans can tune in and enjoy at their leisure.

#4. Showing How Life and Work Connect

Bones had the ability to show how real life and work could connect. It showed that outside relationships could affect team dynamics and the way individuals would trust each other. That's the exact same focus that SEAL Team offers. This is only really possible on character-driven shows. Boreanaz's first scene was him looking back at the death of his closest teammate and friend, and that affects how he conducts himself on missions now.

#3. There's Plenty of Laughter

Many would think a military drama would be full of emotion and danger. While that's the case, there's also plenty of laughter and fun. Each character brings something different to the group, whether it's one-off humorous moments or a personality that's sarcastic and blunt.

#2. Not All Situations Are Black and White

Bones was always able to show the grey in a storyline. SEAL Team wasted no time in showing the same subtlety. Situations are never black and white and plans never turn out how they were supposed to. The SEALs have to figure out what to do on the spot to save innocents and complete their missions.

#1. The Writers Aren't Afraid to Take Risks

While there are so many similarities to Bones, fans won't feel like they're watching the same show. This was a major risk, but it's paying off. Boreanaz's character Jason Hayes is the complete opposite of Seeley Booth. While the storylines have the same fast-paced element in catching the bad guy or getting to the truth, the military aspects and the SEALs putting their lives in danger every week will get your blood flowing faster. You'll be on the edge of your seat each week.

SEAL Team continues on Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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