5 Show Cancellations that Broke Our Hearts in 2016

5 Show Cancellations that Broke Our Hearts in 2016

Not every TV show can go on forever, but a lot of them seem to get the rug pulled out from under them way too early. In 2016, this happened with too many shows that deserved to carry on. From Rob Lowe's witty new sitcom to a captivating Marvel drama, here are 5 TV shows that we wish didn't get cancelled in 2016.

1. The Grinder

This smart comedy paired up TV veterans Rob Lowe and Fred Savage as brothers. Lowe's character was an ex-TV actor most famous for his role as a lawyer on the fictional series The Grinder. He decides to move home and practice law for real with his brother, (Savage) who spent his whole life living in his shadow. The show was cancelled after season 1 and didn't get a chance to expand on the instantaneous chemistry between Lowe and Savage.

2. Grandfathered

John Stamos played Jimmy, the father of Gerald (Josh Peck) in this FOX sitcom. Jimmy was a playboy chef living large when Gerald showed up at his door to tell him he was his son. His life was turned upside down and he faced a midlife crisis upon discovering that Gerald had a daughter of his own, making Jimmy a grandpa. This series was also cancelled after just one season, which was a shame given how original the humor in the series was.

3. Agent Carter

Fans were not happy to see this series get the axe after just 2 seasons. Agent Carter followed the titular character of Peggy Carter from the Captain America movies as she balanced her administrative work and secret missions for Howard Stark, father of Tony Stark. The show finished on an unresolved cliffhanger that left fans enraged with the lack of closure.

4. Castle

Because viewers grew so attached to Richard Castle and his partner Kate Beckett, they wanted to see this procedural crime drama carry on for as long as possible. Unfortunately, Stana Katic (who plays Beckett) was not so on board for that, and announced her departure just a month before the network decided to pull the plug on the series altogether. After 8 seasons of growing a huge fan-base, Castle said its final goodbye in 2016 in a somewhat controversial finale, the events of which fans are still discussing.

5. Good Girls Revolt

This series told the story a workplace revolt of women in the late 60s. It followed a group of female journalists at a news magazine who have had enough of the gender discrimination in the workplace. The series was cancelled at Amazon, which was especially upsetting given that the series' perspective on femininity was fresh and unlike anything else on TV.

Which show are you most upset got cancelled in 2016?

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