3 Ways 'S.W.A.T.' Handled the Immigration Storyline Right

3 Ways 'S.W.A.T.' Handled the Immigration Storyline Right

S.W.A.T. focused on immigration in the latest episode, titled "Fences." During the episode, the team found themselves at the center of an immigration issue, but did the series handle the tricky political situation well? Here are three ways the writers showed immigration fully and respectfully, whatever side of the debate you sit on.

1. There's More Than One Side to the Story

When we see immigration on the news, it's usually from one side of the story. The media has an agenda, and individuals have their own views, whether it's for or against immigrants. S.W.A.T. tried to take the bias out of the story, focusing on all sides -- the protestors, the white nationalists who were out for vigilante justice, and Hondo and his men. Seeing all sides of the story makes it easier to understand the situation and have a rational and educated debate on the subject.

It's easy to shut down an argument that you don't agree with. Many of us are guilty of ignoring someone's opinion because it doesn't match with the narrative that we know. S.W.A.T reminded us that a debate can only happen if we're willing to listen to the other side. Even if you don't agree with another person's opinion, listening to the things they have to say is important.

2. Not All Immigrants' Situations Are the Same

The protestors saw the police as villains who don't understand immigrants. But Jessica helped to remind them that not everyone's situation is the same, as she showed how she went from immigrant to citizen. She showed the hoops she had to jump through and the steps she took to get to where she is now. But it's still not easy. She had to overcome prejudice against immigrants, as well as being a woman in a man's world.

In another case of incorrect expectations, Ariana believed Carlos was nothing like Ochoa and shouldn't be treated unfairly. However, the evidence showed something different. Ariana realized that maybe she didn't know everything and that Hondo was simply following the evidence trail. 

3. The Real Dangers Towards Undocumented Immigrants

Sometimes undocumented immigrants are painted as criminals waiting to cause havoc, damage and fear. S.W.A.T. reminded us that isn't the case. There are undocumented immigrants who just believe that the United States can offer them a better life. It's that American Dream that still exists from the 60s and 70s.

However, rather than immigrants being a danger to citizens, undocumented immigrants are often in danger themselves. They may have to live in hiding or struggle to find a way into the country. Because they're undocumented, they can't turn to the police when they've been assaulted, raped or experienced other crimes.

Sometimes people who want to help immigrants try to do the right thing but it all backfires. S.W.A.T. showed that with Street, who realized later that he'd made matters worse and more dangerous for immigrants and then had to struggle to make things right again.

Do you think S.W.A.T handled the immigration situation right? What could it have done differently or better? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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