3 Reasons Jessica on 'S.W.A.T.' Made the Right Choice to Follow Her Career

3 Reasons Jessica on 'S.W.A.T.' Made the Right Choice to Follow Her Career

Jessica had a difficult decision to make on S.W.A.T. Would she choose her career or love? In the end, she put her career first, ending her relationship with Hondo to push through with her proposal. While many fans would have loved to see Jessica and Hondo continue their relationship, Jessica made the right choice. Here are three reasons it was the best thing to do, especially in today's TV world.

1. There's Nothing Wrong with Career First

Women are often frowned upon for choosing their career over love or relationships. They're viewed as cold and stubborn, ignoring the expectations of women set decades earlier. However, times are changing. More and more women are focusing on their careers first. They're breaking the mold, getting to a point in their work life that they're happy and satisfied.

Jessica is proving there's nothing wrong with that by putting her career first. She's not allowing anyone to step in her way of something she believes in and wants.

For years, there has been a view that a woman is only worth the man she is with. Some people believe that a woman has to find a man, settle down and have babies before she's 30. Jessica has broken that mold and made it clear that it's not all about love. Others' expectations aren't important. It's what makes her happy.

2. It's Empowering for Others

People look at TV and movies for inspiration and idols. They follow suggestions from characters. Whether it's a lesbian character coming out to her parents, a transgender person fighting for equality in the workplace or just a woman who wants to put herself first, it's important for shows to have strong, kind and positive role models on TV.

That's exactly what women get with Jessica. She didn't just jump into the decision to put her career first. This was a decision she had to make over the course of the episode. While Hondo was disappointed, he understood. Not only is Jessica's character empowering for others, but Hondo became a role model for the men in real life, to see that women deserve equality and may not always put their potential love interests first.

At the same time, she's making the police force a better place. Her proposals help to get rid of bad cops and emphasize being the upholders of the peace. She wants to create a more positive space and that's certainly something others can learn from and build upon in real life.

3. Putting Stability First Is Important

Jessica had the chance to follow her heart, and many other shows would have taken that route. There's this fear that once you find love you need to keep hold of it. However, Jessica followed her head. She made the sensible choice of putting stability first.

Why should she have to rely on someone else for stability in her life? She made it very clear with her decision that she wants to stand on her own two feet. That was the way she was raised and that is the way she will raise her potential children in the future.

Her decision wasn't just about her own stability, either. She put the local people first by choosing her proposal over her personal life. It was a sacrifice for the greater good.

Do you think Jessica was sensible in her decisions in S.W.A.T? Would you have made the same choice? Should she have stuck with Hondo? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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