3 'Flash' Storylines to Look Forward to with 'Trial of The Flash'

3 'Flash' Storylines to Look Forward to with 'Trial of The Flash'

For The Flash's Barry Allen, the inevitable has come to pass. After seasons of teasing, "The Trial of The Flash" is finally upon us. With the midseason premiere over a month away, The Thinker has cast a pall over Central City's holiday cheer.

And yet, I refuse to wallow. Sure, Barry will spend the Christmas season stuck behind bars. Sure, he'll never manage to wrangle bail like Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), and even if he could, no one at STAR Labs has a million dollars just lying around. And sure, The Thinker will have free reign to run roughshod over the city while Team Flash is mired in the slow trundle of the judicial system. BUT, if the powers that be play their cards right, this legal drama could pull together a few wayward storylines.

For starters, Barry's arrest means his premiere "gibberish" was actually right on the mark. Six months in the Speed Force allowed Gustin's character to see his life from start to finish, even if he can't remember any of it now. We were right to surmise that his earnest plea --  "Your Honor, I'm innocent. I didn't do this. I didn't kill anyone." -- would collide with Cary Bates' infamous storyline, so what else should we expect to see?

"[Barry] was talking all over the place, and elements of that will show up throughout the season -- and may already have," Gustin told TVLine . "We'll circle back, I would imagine, at some point this season and connect all of them for you. But yeah, that was all very important, everything he said at the beginning of the year."

That includes everything from his apocalyptic "the stars are melting" to the awww-inducing "we're going to need more diapers." And why not? We've already heard "this house is b-tchin'" in almost every episode this year. 

While we're on the topic of babies, however, let's not forget about a certain "Crisis on Earth-X" wedding crasher. Equal parts overjoyed and enigmatic, an unknown waiter put Barry on his heels just before he was due to say "I do." With her categorical knowledge of the speedster's life, many believe this woman was one of the West-Allens' aforementioned twins. Dawn, if you want to be precise. With her insight into the future, perhaps she could lend a hand exonerating her father. 

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Even if she does, however, Barry will still have to spend a little time in Iron Heights. Considering our hero is up on murder charges, we can assume the price of his release will be no paltry sum. Barry's debut foray into the Speed Force allowed him to glimpse himself in a prison jumpsuit, and that means he'll likely spend time under the watchful eye of the crooked warden introduced in "Mixed Signals." Whether he's in his lab, at home, or locked away, it's clear Barry can't escape The Thinker. 

The Flash will return to the CW on Jan. 16 at 8/7c. 

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