12 More 'Gilmore Girls' Actors Who Should Return Besides Melissa McCarthy

12 More 'Gilmore Girls' Actors Who Should Return Besides Melissa McCarthy

Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival is growing every day. So far 25 actors from the original run of the WB/CW dramedy have been confirmed to return, with Melissa McCarthy's Sookie as the only major hold-out. But as anticipation for Netflix's four-installment revival, Gilmore Girls: Seasons, grows, there are still plenty of minor characters from the show fans would like to see come back.

Thus far, the list of returning characters includes Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore, Luke, Jess, Dean, Logan, Christopher, Paris and Doyle, Lane and Mrs. Kim, Zach, Kirk, Jackson, Michel, Taylor, Gypsy, Babette, Miss Patty, Andrew, Mitchum Huntzberger, Finn, April, Caesar and Paul Anka the dog.

Obviously Melissa McCarthy as Sookie is the most glaring omission from this list, but there are a few other minor characters who aren't yet returning to Stars Hollow. So looking back over seven seasons, here are 10 other actors and characters I would love to see once again on Gilmore Girls.

Grant Lee Phillips as Grant

It's just not Stars Hollow without the town troubadour playing his guitar by the gazebo.

Kathleen Wilhoite and Michael DeLuise as Liz and T.J.

Since Luke and Jess are coming back, it only makes sense that Luke's zany sister (and Jess' mom) should return with her over-the-top husband. Besides, how cute would it be to see their daughter Doula in one of Miss Patty's ballet recitals alongside Lane's sons, Kwan and Steve, plus Sookie and Jackson's Davey and Martha?

Adam Brody as Dave Rygalski

Lane's first boyfriend and bandmate, Dave suddenly disappeared from Stars Hollow at the end of season 3 to go to California (a meta joke about the actor joining the cast of The O.C.). Fans never really got any closure with Lane's first love, so who wouldn't want to see him one last time?

Dakin Matthews as Hanlin Charleston

Chilton was an integral part of the first three seasons of Gilmore Girls, and no one represented that institution better than the affable headmaster. As alumnae, Rory and Paris could definitely find a plausible reason to bump into him again.

Shelly Cole and Teal Redmann as Madeline and Louise

Paris' high school toadies, it would be fun to find out whatever happened to these vapid narcissists. I'm guessing they became reality TV stars, probably Real Housewives (or, more likely, members the SUR staff on Vanderpump Rules).

Chad Michael Murray as Tristan Dugray

The men in Rory's life are all back, with Jess, Dean and Logan set to return, but what about the guy who may or may not have been in love with her at Chilton? Tristan left the school in disgrace during his senior year, but I've always wondered what happened to him after that. And let's not forget that Rory did kiss him.

Wayne Wilcox as Marty

Any true list of Rory's suitors must also include the guy she met in college who was immediately put into the friend zone.

Krysten Ritter as Lucy

Rory's college friend, she moved to Manhattan with pal Olivia and while there isn't much of a place for her in the show, it wouldn't hurt Netflix to book the star of another one of its shows, Jessica Jones, for a Gilmore cameo.

Chauncey Leopardi as Kyle

Does anyone else ever wonder what happened to Dean's friend whose Navy injury resulted in him getting a hook for a hand?

Barna Moricz as Joey

Even if you're a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan, you may not recognize this name. But Joey was the guy who flirted with Lorelai and Rory at Luke's Diner in the very first scene of the pilot episode. With the show coming back, it would be an incredibly cool homage to the beginning to bring back this random dude for another scene at Luke's.
Who else would you like to see return of Gilmore Girls: Seasons?


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