• 36

    Gentleman Jack New Series
    Monday 22:00 on HBO

    Halifax, 1832. Rejected by aristocratic Vere Hobart, Anne Lister returns to her shabby ancestral home, Shibden Hall, determined to restore its fortunes and find herself a wife.
  • 37

    The New Negroes New Series
    Friday 23:00 on Comedy Central

    The New Negroes with Baron Vaughn & Open Mike Eagle is a socially aware stand-up and music series. Vaughn and Eagle took inspiration for the series and title from the term "New Negro," as popularized during the Harlem Renaissance, and it refers to black Americans speaki ng up, telling their own stories and affirming their various identities to dismantle outdated assumptions and beliefs. more less
  • 38

    Britain's Easter Story New Series
    9:00 on BBC One

    Religious series looking at the stories, music and traditions associated with Easter.
  • 39

    Earth from Space New Series
    Wednesday 21:00 on BBC One

    Cameras in space tell stories of life on our planet from a brand new perspective, revealing new discoveries, incredible colours and patterns, and just how fast it is changing. Four episode mini series documentary.
  • 40

    Ghosts (2019) New Series
    Monday 21:30 on BBC One

    The crumbling country pile of Button Hall is home to numerous restless spirits who have died there over the centuries - each ghost very much a product of their time, resigned to squabbling with each other for eternity over the most inane of daily gripes. But their lives - or, rather, afterlives - are thrown into turmoil when a young urban couple - Alison and Mike - surprisingly inherit the peaceful derelict house and make plans to turn it into a bustling family hotel. As the ghosts attempt to oust the newcomers from their home, and Mike and Alison discover the true scale of the project they've taken on, fate conspires to trap both sides in an impossible house share, where every day is, literally, a matter of life and death. more less
  • 41

    Bless This Mess New Series
    Tuesday 21:30 on ABC

    A newlywed couple's plan to ditch big city living for a simpler life in Nebraska doesn't go as expected.
  • 42

    The Comedy Bus New Series
    Wednesday 22:00 on Comedy Central

    Six comedians. Six home towns. One big journey. The Comedy Bus follows comedians Joel Dommett, Iain Stirling, Suzi Ruffell, Tom Allen, Kiri Pritchard-Mclean and Darren Harriott as they embark on a journey to each of their hometowns in search of what life is like ther e now. Revisiting blasts from their pasts, each comedian will bring their fellow comics along for a deeply touching, personal and of course hilarious ride which they won't forget... even if they probably might like to! more less
  • 43

    The Code New Series
    on CBS

    A look at the professional and personal lives of some of the military's brightest legal minds in the courtroom, where each attorney is trained as a prosecutor, a defense lawyer, an investigator - and a Marine.
  • 44

    Mummies Unwrapped New Series
    Wednesday 21:00 on Discovery

    Emmy Award-winning director and acclaimed Egyptologist Ramy Romany will journey across the globe to investigate secrets and myths of the most fascinating burial sites, mass graves and ancient tombs on Earth in a Discovery Channel series. Mummies Unwrapped will featur e Romany as he travels to ancient Egyptian tombs and Mayan mass graves to untangle the legends, myths, curses and cover-ups of our collective ancient past. The series will also utilize cutting-edge technologies to introduce new theories about how ancient civilizations once lived and died while looking to unravel the origin of each mummy, the life that once was and determine what, if any, mystical forces or supernatural phenomena were involved. Mummies Unwrapped premieres April 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel. more less
  • 45

    Fosse/Verdon New Series
    Tuesday 22:00 on FX

    He was a filmmaker and one of theater's most influential choreographers and directors. She was the greatest Broadway dancer of all time. Together, they changed the face of American entertainment — at a perilous cost.
  • 46

    Island Of Bryan New Series
    Sunday 22:00 on HGTV

    The Baeumler family relocates to the Bahamas with the hope of renovating and opening a beachfront resort.
  • 47

    Murder For Hire New Series
    Sunday 19:00 on Oxygen

    A series that dives into the dark world of contract killings, showcasing some of the most fascinating murder for hire cases ever caught on tape.
  • 48

    The Victim New Series
    Weekdays 21:00 on BBC One

    A grieving mother is accused of identifying online the man she believes killed her son. But is he really a notorious child murderer or a tragic victim of mistaken identity?
  • 49

    Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine New Series
    Friday 22:00 on Discovery

    Dave Turin visits several disused gold mines around the Western United States and decides which mine to get up and running, turning it into a profitable, working mine.
  • 50

    Wales: Land of the Wild New Series
    Thursday 20:00 on BBC One

    Filmed across twelve dramatic months this series captures the country’s varied wildlife and stunning landscapes, from the rugged mountains of the north to the seabird colonies off the south coast. Wales’ wild characters, such as the iconic red kite and the rare sand lizard, are filmed in intimate close-up detail as they face the challenges of each season, from finding a mate and raising young to surviving the hardships of winter. Narrated by Michael Sheen. more less
  • 51

    Celebrity Painting Challenge New Series
    Thursday 20:00 on BBC One

    Six famous faces put their artistic skills to the test in a bid to be crowned champion of Celebrity Painting Challenge.
  • 52

    The American Farm New Series
    Thursday on History

    Documentary series that follows a year in the life of five different family farms. Shot on location across the country, “The American Farm” is an authentic portrait of the fight to go from seed to stalk, and from farm to fork. The HISTORY series presents an up-cl ose look at one full year of family farming, told through an unprecedented year on the ground, capturing breathtaking visuals, private moments and personal interviews. more less
  • 53

    Growing Up Chrisley New Series
    Tuesday 22:30 on USA Network

    Todd Chrisley's adult children, Chase & Savannah, travel to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams. Chase wants to be an actor and Savannah has her sights set on the beauty industry, but Nashville isn't LA, and their father is still watching them closely.
  • 54

    Curiosity (2018) New Series
    Weekdays 14:15 on BBC One

    Paul Martin presents the ultimate test in vintage and collectables. It's a trip down memory lane for two teams as they tackle tasks in two rooms full of surprises. With £1,000 at stake in the Curiosity Shop, who will curate the most valuable collection?
  • 55

    The InBetween New Series
    Wednesday 22:00 on NBC

    She has visions... whether she likes it or not. Sometimes Cassie sees events that have previously occurred or will happen in the future. Sometimes she encounters unsettled spirits who need her help. When her father, Detective Tom Hackett, and his new partner, former FBI agent Damien Asante, need assistance solving a dark and puzzling murder, Cassie reluctantly agrees to use her abilities and helps solve some of the city’s most challenging cases. more less
  • 56

    Mission Ignition New Series
    Saturday 20:30 on BBC One

    Mission Ignition will give two teams of amateur car enthusiasts the opportunity to drive off in their dream car - however they'll have to rebuild it first. This show will see classic car collecting, amateur racing driver Howard Donald and three time Indianapolis 500 winner and four-time IndyCar Series champion Dario Franchitti each lead a team of passionate petrol heads, guiding them to the finish line and hopefully the win. In each episode two classic cars will be turned into a giant jigsaw puzzle with Franchitti and Donald and their teams battling it out to put their car back together with the first team to rebuild it and start their engine getting to keep it more less
  • 57

    Tacoma FD New Series
    Thursday 22:30 on truTV

    In a firehouse in one of America’s rainiest cities that is light on blazes that need extinguishing, its crew keeps themselves entertained with creative competitions, friendly first responder rivalries, and bizarre emergency calls.
  • 58

    Abby's New Series
    Thursday 21:30 on NBC

    The best neighborhood bar in San Diego is also an unlicensed, makeshift establishment in Abby's backyard and the perfect gathering place for locals to find camaraderie and sanctuary. To maintain the perfect bar ecosystem, all patrons must abide by a specific set of rule s. This includes no cell phones (not even to look something up), understanding that rising through the hierarchy to earn a seat at the bar takes time and knowing that losing a challenge may have some unpleasant and unpalatable drink-related repercussions. As a bar owner, Abby has found her true calling hosting friends and newcomers alike. No-nonsense Abby is ex-military, having served two tours as a staff sergeant in the Marines. Her world is shaken when new landlord Bill, who recently inherited the house from his deceased aunt, unexpectedly shows up and cites all kinds of reasons why the whole venture is illegal. Newly divorced, he is a cautious worrier and definite non-risk-taker who eventually warms to the place and agrees to let the bar remain open, provided Abby makes some changes. more less
  • 59

    What We Do in the Shadows New Series
    Wednesday 22:00 on FX

    A documentary-style look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of three vampires in Staten Island who have “lived” together for hundreds and hundreds of years.
  • 60

    Blue Planet UK New Series
    Weekdays 16:30 on BBC One

    Celebrating marine life from all corners of the planet as we dive deep to explore the health of our oceans.
  • 61

    Action (2019) New Series
    Sunday 20:00 on Showtime

    This four-part docu-series explores the legalization of sports gambling and its evolving impact on the gambling community as the industry navigates a landmark Supreme Court ruling that lifted the ban on sports betting. It chronicles the lives of professional gamblers, b ookies and oddsmakers throughout the 2018 NFL season. The character-driven narrative delivers intimate access to a diverse cross-section of participants in the industry and documents the effects of legalization through their eyes. more less
  • 62

    Catchpoint New Series
    Saturday on BBC One

    Catchpoint is a physical game show where two teams of two compete to win a cash prize by answering questions and catching balls! The game is centred around ten giant screens that display pictures as answers to questions. A ball falls from above the correct answer screen and if the contestant stands in the right place and catches the ball they bank money. The team that banks the most cash by the end of the third round gets to play one final question to win ten thousand pounds. more less
  • 63

    Blue Planet Live New Series
    Weekdays 20:00 on BBC One

    In an exciting week of programmes, Blue Planet Live will celebrate marine life around the globe to explore the health of our oceans.
  • 64

    Blockbusters (2019) New Series
    Thursday 20:00 on Comedy Central

  • 65

    Getting Hitched Asian Style New Series
    19:30 on BBC One

    Documentary following a team of wedding planners.
  • 66

    Lost Gold of World War II New Series
    Tuesday 22:00 on History

    Investigators and engineers use the latest technology to search for a treasure rumored to have been buried in the Philippines by General Tomoyuki Yamashita in the closing months of World War II.
  • 67

    Mental Samurai New Series
    Tuesday 21:00 on FOX

    A competition series hosted by Rob Lowe that pushes every aspect of human intelligence and mental agility to answer questions accurately with speed and precision.
  • 68

    The Village (2019) New Series
    Tuesday 20:00 on NBC

    Welcome to The Village, an apartment building in Brooklyn that appears like any other from the outside - but is quite unique inside. The people who reside here have built a bonded family of friends and neighbors. Sarah's a nurse and single mom raising a creative teen; G abe's a young law student, who just got a much older and unexpected roommate; Ava must secure the future of her young, U.S.-born son when ICE comes knocking; Nick's a veteran, who's just returned from war; and the heart and soul of the building, Ron and Patricia, have captivating tales all their own. These are the hopeful, heartwarming and challenging stories of life that prove family is everything, even if it's the one you make with the people around you. more less
  • 69

    Walks of Life New Series
    Sunday 11:30 on BBC One

    Religious series following people on cultural and spiritual journeys around the UK.
  • 70

    River hunters New Series
    Monday 21:00 on History

    In River Hunters, Rick Edwards and river-searching expert Beau Ouimette visit some of the most historically significant sites across Britain: covering iconic events and battles including Roman Briton, the Wars of the Roses, the Reformation and the English Civil War. The ir searches of these unexplored rivers and waterways unearth treasures from the past which reveal how our various ancestors used to live. As the artefacts surface from under layers of silt and rocks, the duo will meet with local archaeologists and historians to unearth the stories and people behind the finds. Spanning each river's layered past, the new series will offer a fresh perspective and even redefine our history as we know it. Using state-of-the-art technology, archive maps and contemporaneous accounts from the period, Beau and Rick perform the first underwater archeological digs in some of the most exciting and iconic historical sites in Britain, often in dangerous and fast-flowing water. more less
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