• 316

    Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice New Series
    Saturday 19:00 on Oxygen

    Since 1997, hundreds of college-aged men have mysteriously drowned after a night out drinking with friends. Their bodies have been found in clusters around the country, and the victims are eerily similar – they’re all athletic, academic achievers. In addition, near where many of the bodies are recovered is one distinct mark: graffiti of a smiley face. “Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice” follows retired NYPD Detective Kevin Gannon and his team of investigators: Anthony Duarte, Mike ‘Mikey’ Donovan and D. Lee ‘Doc’ Gilbertson; who have dedicated the past 12 years of their retirement to finding justice for these cases. All of the drownings have been individually classified as accidental or undetermined and have not been investigated as possibly related crimes. There are grieving families of these young men who are convinced that there is something more sinister at play, and desperately search for answers with Gannon and the team. Their goal is to gather enough evidence to convince local authorities to reclassify and investigate these deaths as homicides. Only then can the team attempt to establish a possible connection between these deaths to further their theory that the young men are victims of a calculated group known as The Smiley Face Killers. more less
  • 317

    Tails of Valor New Series
    Saturday on CBS

    Tails of Valor, hosted by Kel Mitchell, is a live-action half-hour program that features true stories of service animals working to change people’s lives. The program also examines the life science behind these relationships, including the animals’ unique and powerf ul senses that enable them to protect their human charges. Tails of Valor will focus on the training and day-to-day jobs of these incredible animals and the quality of life they provide the people they serve, leaving viewers with a greater understanding and compassion for animals. Viewers will learn to see the world from different perspectives, and how those with disabilities experience everyday life and the challenges they face. more less
  • 318

    The First 48 Presents: Homicide Squad Atlanta New Series
    Thursday 21:00 on A&E

    Homicide detectives from the Atlanta Police Department unravel the mysteries behind some of the city's most gruesome and highly visible crimes.
  • 319

    Say Yes to the Nest New Series
    Monday on HGTV

    Young and eager newlywed couples set out to make their real estate dreams a reality.
  • 320

    Grown & Sexy New Series
    Friday 21:30 on VH1

    Comedians, entertainers and influencers weigh in on how to survive and thrive in your "thirties."
  • 321

    True Life/Now New Series
    Wednesday 22:00 on MTV

    From the Emmy Award-winning makers of the original True Life comes True Life/Now, a docuseries examining the challenges of real people immersed in today's most vexing social phenomena. From Kardashian-obsessed super fans coping with celebrity fanaticism to revenge porn victims seeking retribution, this series explores the hopes, struggles and lives of real people in their own words. more less
  • 322

    Roommate Hunters New Series
    Wednesday 23:00 on HGTV

    Renters are challenged to find the perfect rental property and the perfect roommate to match.
  • 323

    Spy in the Snow New Series
    Sunday 19:00 on BBC One

    The Spy Creatures return again! This time they are revealing the fascinating behaviours of wildlife in the snow, including polar bears, otters, penguins, wallabies and parrots!
  • 324

    Les Misérables (2018) New Series
    Sunday 21:00 on BBC One

    An epic adaptation of Victor Hugo's classic novel in which an extraordinary cast of characters struggle to survive in war-torn France. A story of love, injustice, redemption and hope.
  • 325

    King Gary New Series
    Friday 21:30 on BBC One

    A larger-than-life working-class sitcom that follows the trials and tribulations of 'geezer diva' Gary King and his childhood sweetheart Terri as they aspire to achieve moderate material success in competitive suburbia.
  • 326

    Watership Down (2018) New Series
    Saturday 19:00 on BBC One

    Set in the idyllic rural landscape of southern England, this tale of adventure, courage, and survival follows a band of rabbits on their flight from the intrusion of man and the certain destruction of their home. Led by a stouthearted pair of brothers, they journey fort h from their native Sandleford Warren through the harrowing trials posed by predators and adversaries, towards a promised land and a more perfect society. more less
  • 327

    Grizzly Bear Cubs and Me New Series
    Weekdays 21:00 on BBC One

    Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan helps to rehabilitate six orphaned baby grizzly bears into the Russian wilderness
  • 328

    The Long Song New Series
    Weekdays 21:00 on BBC One

    Set during the final days of slavery in 19th century Jamaica, the story follows the strong-willed, young slave July on a plantation owned by her odious mistress Caroline Mortimer. When a charming new arrival to the island, Robert Goodwin, becomes the new overseer, July and Caroline are both intrigued by his seemingly revolutionary determination to improve the plantation for the slaves and mistress alike. During a time of social unrest and turmoil, this powerful story is told from July’s perspective as she looks back over her life; the tone is funny, defiant and indomitable. It’s a story about the injustices that humans inflict upon each other and the unexpected ways in which people’s humanity sometimes overrules their prejudices. more less
  • 329

    Roads Less Travelled: Scotland's Atlantic Way New Series
    on BBC One

    Scotland's best-known outdoors man, Cameron McNeish, journeys up the western seaboard from the Mull of Kintyre to Mallaig. Travelling on foot, by bike, by pack-raft and with his beloved campervan, his journey takes him over 200 miles through some of our most impressive wild places. Along the way, he meets an artist, a storyteller and a ghillie. And most surprisingly of all he discovers how our ancestors created their music. more less
  • 330

    This is My Song New Series
    Thursday 20:00 on BBC One

    This is My Song invites ordinary people to work with the music industry's most talented producers to create a track for a very personal reason.
  • 331

    A Very British History New Series
    Wednesday 21:00 on BBC One

    Series featuring a collection of films about Britain's cultural history in the 20th century.
  • 332

    Rise of the Clans New Series
    Monday 21:00 on BBC One

    Series following an epic struggle for power in medieval Scotland, told from the point of view of the feuding clans.
  • 333

    The Best Christmas Food Ever New Series
    Weekdays 15:45 on BBC One

    Chef Paul Ainsworth and popular home cook Catherine Fulvio host Best Christmas Food Ever. Bringing culinary expertise and warmth the duo will also create a fun tone to the show. In each episode, Paul and Catherine will prepare seasonal dishes and their accompaniments wo rthy of the Christmas table. The first dish will range from show-stopping dishes to quick but tasty recipes for last minute festive entertaining. The second dish will be inspired by an ingredient which epitomises the 12 tastes of Christmas for the hosts. The final dish will be a recipe close to the heart of the celebrity guest who appears on each episode. The celebrity guest will also join in the general fun and Christmas joy of the show. more less
  • 334

    Unanchored New Series
    Monday 22:00 on Bravo

    Follow a group of best friends as they embark on their next travel adventure - an exclusive floating festival in the Bahamas where they will join 30 yachts. The group leaves behind their high-level careers to travel the breathtaking Bahamas and embrace a subculture of e laborate costumes, eccentric rules and hallowed traditions. more less
  • 335

    Nadiya's Asian Odyssey New Series
    Monday 21:00 on BBC One

    Nadiya Hussain makes a surprise DNA discovery which sees her travel to far flung places exploring the people, places and food of Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal.
  • 336

    Genies New Series
    on Comedy Central

    Josh and Luke navigate their new jobs for the wish-granting app Genies, but it’s not exactly everything they’d hoped for.
  • 337

    Desus & Mero (2019) New Series
    Monday 23:00 on Showtime

    The first ever weekly late-night talk show on Showtime features popular TV and podcast personalities Desus and Mero speaking off the cuff and chatting with guests at the intersection of pop culture, sports, music, politics and more.
  • 338

    A Hotel for the Super Rich & Famous New Series
    on BBC One

    Documentary series going behind the scenes at London's Corinthia hotel, looking at how it tries to stand out in a fiercely competitive market.
  • 339

    Mrs Wilson New Series
    Tuesday 21:00 on BBC One

    The drama follows Alison Wilson who thinks she is a normal, happily married woman. But when her husband Alec suddenly dies, a woman turns up on her doorstep, claiming that she is the real Mrs Wilson. Alison is determined to prove the validity of her own marriage - and A lec's love for her - but is instead led into a world of dark and troubling secrets. Alec was a British spy and a best-selling novelist and Alison is pushed to the very brink to find out the truth. more less
  • 340

    Hidden Wales with Will Millard New Series
    Monday 20:00 on BBC One

    Will Millard discovers Wales's hidden history by exploring forgotten, secret and almost inaccessible locations that show the country as it has never been seen before
  • 341

    Colin Murphy's Panic Room New Series
    Monday 22:45 on BBC One

    Series in which comedian Colin Murphy examines "things that I was afraid of or worried about when I was a teenager", from the Cold War to UFOs to Armageddon.
  • 342

    Home Seekers New Series
    19:30 on BBC One

    New series following estate agents and home seekers across Northern Ireland as they are faced with the challenges of buying and selling homes.
  • 343

    Pubs, Ponds and Power: The Story of the Village New Series
    Monday 19:30 on BBC One

    Archaeologist Ben Robinson explores the story of the village from Norman times to the present day
  • 344

    Defenders UK New Series
    Weekdays 9:15 on BBC One

    Following the work of enforcement officers as they battle to protect the public from the crooks and con men endangering our health, families and homes.
  • 345

    Dirty John New Series
    Tuesday 22:00 on Bravo

    This true crime anthology, based on the podcast of the same name, follows Orange County interior designer Debra Newell’s romance with John Meehan, a handsome and romantic charmer who sweeps Debra off her feet and pulls her into his web of lies.
  • 346

    Brothers in Arms New Series
    Tuesday 22:00 on History

    With almost twenty years of military and law enforcement experience between them, Rocco Vargas and Eli Cuevas are about to combine their talents and embark on a new adventure. Vargas and Cuevas are the new owners of Banditos Armory in the historic town of Ogden, UT. The ir goal is simple, to take their expertise and passion and become the best one-stop shop for all things military. From fixing and testing a Cold War Russian tank, one of only a few in America, to solving the mystery of an unidentified Japanese WW2 contraption that Allied troops had never seen before - and didn't know how to fire. There's little that the team at Banditos won't do to investigate, restore, build, and test the most innovative, iconic machines in military history. No challenge or question is too big for Vargas and Cuevas, whether they're working with military historians and veterans, opening their door to inquiries from avid customers, or even seeking answers to burning questions of their own. more less
  • 347

    Enemies: The President, Justice & The FBI New Series
    Sunday 20:00 on Showtime

    This four-part documentary series from Academy Award® winner Alex Gibney presents the long, complex history of presidents testing the rule of law and the FBI’s job to enforce it. It tells the story of the epic confrontations between the President and the FBI. From Ni xon and Hoover to Trump and Comey, each battle illuminates a different facet of our democracy and the law. Using the present as a prism, we look back to see which lessons held up, which didn’t and how the current investigation of the Trump administration might turn out. more less
  • 348

    The Clinton Affair New Series
    Weekdays 21:00 on A&E

    A series of exclusive interviews and archival footage examining Bil Clinton's political scandal of the 1990s and its lasting influence in the United States.
  • 349

    Real Country New Series
    Monday 23:00 on USA Network

    Country music performers Travis Tritt, Shania Twain and Jake Owen showcase upcoming musicians in Nashville.
  • 350

    Make Me A Dealer New Series
    Weekdays 16:30 on BBC One

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