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Played episodes: 3842
Birth Name: Jessica Beth Savitch
Date Of Birth: Feb 01, 1947 (74 years)
Place of Birth: Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA
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Jessica Savitch was born on February 1, 1947 in Kennett Square,Pennsylvania. Her father suddenly died when she was just 12 years old.It was he that encouraged her for a career in broadcast journalism.Jessica first considered a career in broadcasting while in high school.A friend then got her a job part-time reading the local news on theradio. When Jessica decided to major in communications at IthacaCollege in New York, her faculty adviser bluntly told her that she wasnot part of broadcasting because she is a woman. His sexist wor ds gaveJessica even more determination to prove him wrong. After graduation,Jessica became an all-around assistant for CBS-Radio in New York City.In 1971, she landed a job at KHOU-TV in Houston, Texas. Three monthslater, she enjoyed the distinction of becoming the first woman in theSouth to anchor a broadcast. In 1972, Jessica accepted a job to anchorthe weekend newscast in Philadelphia. Over the next few years, Jessicaslowly worked her way up and fought hard to be treated fairly incomparison to the other male anchors and correspondents. In 1977,Jessica signed a contract with New York's NBC station to anchor theirSunday evening broadcast, NBC Nightly News. She was then appointedco-anchor of Prime Time Sunday later that year. Jessica's rise tostardom inspired resentment among her colleagues who felt she hadn'tpaid her dues by first working as a network correspondent. HoweverJessica's rise to fame apparently came with a price as rumors aboutdrug use and instability dogged her. Things came to a head on October3, 1983 when, during a live news update, Jessica appeared incoherent inwhich her speech was slurred, she deviated from her copy and ad-libbedher report. She at first explained that her monitor had malfunctioned.But her agent inadvertently contradicted her alibi by saying that shewas under medication from a head injury several weeks earlier. A shortwhile later, Jessica seemed to get back on track for her contract atNBC was extended and she was ranked high on the list of replacementsfor Jane Pauley who was scheduled to take a maternity leave. But thingscame suddenly to an end when on Sunday, October 23, 1983, Jessica andher boyfriend, New York Post executive Martin Fischbein, drove to NewHope, Pennsylvania when they leisurely shopped for antiques. Thatevening, they ate dinner at the Chez Odette, a restaurant along theDelaware Canal. A fierce rainstorm set in and the couple became anxiousto return to New York. Fischbein drove and Jessica sat in the back seatwith her dog Chewy, a Siberian husky. The weather conditions made thedriving difficult. Fischbein apparently mistook a dirt road for an exitand in a matter of seconds the car flipped off the road and plungedinto the canal sinking almost instantly. Seven hours later, the bodiesof 36-year-old Jessica Savitch and Martin Fischbein were pulled fromthe canal. moreless



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