Catch-22: The Face of Coward...
Season 1, Episode 3: " Episode 3 "

The fine line between protection and cowardice becomes much clearer. On Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 3 Yossarian is trying to do the right thing. He's driven by survival in a war full of death and can't cat... more

NCIS: Los Angeles: Los Angeles Season...
Season 10, Episode 24: " False Flag "

Give the powers that be on NCIS: Los Angeles credit. They know how to set up a cliffhanger. The world ended up on the brink of World War III on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 24. It's hard to genera... more

A Discovery of Witches: Madison
Season 1, Episode 7: " Episode 7 "

  • We Will Always Be One
    There is no turning back. Something that sets Deborah Harkness' vampir...
  • Spellbound
    There is so much to learn from A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6!...

On A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 7, Matthew and Diana arrive in Madison to frolic gaily in the woods and the bedroom while arguing here and there with Sarah and Emily only to have their joy cut short t... more

Good Girls: Jeff
Season 2, Episode 12: " Jeff "

And just like that, he’s back. Good Girls Season 2 Episode 12 dropped a major bomb on the ladies, and the audience as well. We’ve been plodding along for most of this season thinking a major character wa... more

Supergirl: The Quest for Peac...
Season 4, Episode 22: " The Quest for Peace "

A great episode concludes a political, divisive, and explosive season of Supergirl.  Don't you love it when storylines come full circle making a questionable season worth watching? Lex Luthor enacted his... more





Game of Thrones

Episode 56, Season 0


Episode 3, Season 1

The Big Bang Theor

Episode 24, Season 12

The 100

Episode 3, Season 6

Grey's Anatomy

Episode 25, Season 15


The Flash

Episode 22, Season 5

The Blacklist

Episode 22, Season 6

Riverdale (US)

Episode 22, Season 3

Killing Eve

Episode 7, Season 2

Marvel's Agents of...

Episode 2, Season 6



American Idol: 'American Idol' Renewed for Season 3 at ABC

“American Idol” has been renewed for a third season at ABC. This will be the singing competition show’s 18th season overall, including the 15 seasons that aired on Fox before the show moved to ABC in 2018. The question remains, however, if the show’s current judging panel of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan will return for the new season. As Variety reported on Sunday, ABC and series producer Fremantle are in discussions about ways to bring down costs on the show. Among those is Perry... more

The Biggest Loser: 'The Biggest Loser' Reboot Set at USA

“The Biggest Loser” will be rebooted on USA, the network announced Monday. “We’re re-imagining ‘The Biggest Loser’ for today’s audiences, providing a new holistic, 360-degree look at wellness, while retaining the franchise’s competition format and legendary jaw-dropping moments,” said Chris McCumber, president of entertainment networks, USA Network & Syfy. “USA’s recent reboot of ‘Temptation Island’ brought both new and younger viewers to the network, and we’re excited to add ... more

The Bachelorette: 'The Bachelorette' Contestant Joe 'The Box King' Set for 'Ba...

Fear not, Bachelor Nation. You have not seen the last of the Box King. “The Bachelorette” contestant Joe Barsano, otherwise known as the Box King, will be joining the cast of “Bachelor in Paradise,” Variety has learned exclusively. Sources familiar with casting tell Variety that Barsano will appear on Season 6 of “Bachelor in Paradise” this summer. Both ABC and Warner Bros. Television, the studio behind the series, declined to comment. Barsano became an early fan-favorite on Monday night... more

Cate Blanchett Will Star in and Co-Create Immigration-Themed...

To the list of notable TV creators, add Cate Blanchett. The acclaimed, award-winning address is set to star in “Stateless,” a six-episode drama she is co-creating for the Australian network ABC. The ensemble drama, which draws details from real-life cases, will follow four different individuals being detained at an Australian immigration center. The show’s announced cast also includes Yvonne Strahovski, Dominic West, Jai Courtney, Fayssal Bazzi, and Asher Keddie. Elise McCredie, who co-created “... more

Fresh Off the Boat: ABC Has No Plans to Recast Constance Wu in 'Fresh Off the Bo...

When cameras next roll on “Fresh Off the Boat,” Constance Wu will still be there. Last Friday brought news that the ABC show would be returning for Season 6, but the show’s lead actress notably responded to the renewal with a confusing set of social media posts that pointed to her being dissatisfied with the decision. On Tuesday, ABC President Karey Burke told reporters at the network’s upfront session that Wu’s actions would not jeopardize her role on the show and that ABC has no plans to reca... more




Good Girls

Episode 12, Season 2


Episode 8, Season 2

Charmed (2018)

Episode 22, Season 1

NCIS: Los Angeles

Episode 24, Season 10

The Spanish Prince...

Episode 3, Season 1


Game of Thrones

Episode 6, Season 8

Keeping Up with th...

Episode 7, Season 16

Bob's Burgers

Episode 23, Season 9

Killing Eve

Episode 7, Season 2

American Idol

Episode 19, Season 17


Our Cartoon Presid...

Episode 2, Season 2

The Red Line

Episode 7, Season 1

The Red Line

Episode 8, Season 1

Mary Kills People

Episode 2, Season 3


Episode 22, Season 4