This Is Us: The Ride
Season 5, Episode 9: " The Ride "

  • Career Days
    Randall's mid-life crisis is definitely the most adorable of the siblings....
  • The Last Seven Weeks
    Wow, a lot can happen in seven weeks, at least that was the case for the P...

One of the things I love about This Is Us is how effectively it plays with time. The best stories happen when the series blends past, present, and future to depict how the Pearson family changes over time and... more

Queen Sugar: Mid-March 2020
Season 5, Episode 2: " Mid-March 2020 "

  • Of Several Centuries
    Nova was having one the best days she’s had in months on Queen Sugar Sea...
  • By Any Chance
    The Bordelon clan struggled through Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 5, as t...

There is such joy in the opening of Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2 that it's almost painful to watch, knowing what is headed their way.  Remember our real-life "Mid-March 2020," when we all thought that if... more

Survivor: Ginny & Georgia is...
Season 2, Episode 6: " Trial by Fire "

While so many shows are addressing the pandemic, Ginny & Georgia is here to offer some escapist fun, but don't go into it expecting heavy storytelling, or you will come away feeling short-changed. The new ser... more

Snowpiercer: Keep Hope Alive
Season 2, Episode 5: " Keep Hope Alive "

  • Prepare to Brace
    Well, the honeymoon was short. Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 2 throws us ...
  • Access is Power
    The real detective work kicks in on Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 3, but th...

In an elegant bit of juxtaposition, Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 5 is a huge turning point both literally and in terms of narrative development. The train is physically approaching Lhasa, Tibet's Forbidden Ci... more

9-1-1: Jinx
Season 4, Episode 6: " Jinx "

Do you believe in jinxes? There were many believers in the 118 house, with Chimney, Hen, and Buck leaning into the idea they were cursed after a new guy came into the house and spoke one terrible cursed word.... more





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