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Outlander: Providence
Season 4, Episode 12: " Providence "

When you plan a prison break, please be sure to keep track of the keys. Everything on Outlander Season 4 Episode 12 was going swimmingly (well, except for a severe case of burning love) until Fergus and the... more

The Blacklist: The Pawnbrokers
Season 6, Episode 4: " The Pawnbrokers "

  • The Director
    Remember how the The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 8 was a dud and felt like ...
  • Vanessa Cruz
    A sexy widow out for revenge, intricately setting up the people who got he...

Can we skip ahead to February 1? Because based on the previews,  Elizabeth Keen is about to get busted! We all need to grab a tiny bottle of champagne and celebrate! But while we're waiting, let's talk a... more

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I Can Work With Yo...
Season 4, Episode 10: " I Can Work With You "

It is all rainbows and flowers until someone overhears your happy news and makes us all as conflicted as ever. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend deserves major props for their ability to make us care about both sides of a ... more

Hawaii Five-0: Ke Iho Mai Nei Ko ...
Season 9, Episode 13: " Ke iho mai nei ko luna "

  • In Deep
    It was about time we headed back to the Islands, wasn't it? And Hawai...
  • Wehe 'ana (Prelude)
    There's nothing like a study of the McGarrett-Danny dynamic. Hawaii Fi...

After watching this episode, I had to wonder: why not more underwater crimes? Like this classic locked-room mystery on Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 13. I'm sure underwater photography jacks the product... more

Dynasty: A Champagne Mood
Season 2, Episode 10: " A Champagne Mood "

  • Snowflakes in Hell
    You can take the Carringtons out of the manor, but you can't take the man...
  • A Champagne Mood
    No time got wasted on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 10. The crash at the e...

No time got wasted on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 10. The crash at the end of Dynasty Season 2 Episode 9 was addressed immediately revealing that Jeff Colby didn't just survive, he thrived after his brush with ... more






Episode 18, Season 5

The Orville

Episode 4, Season 2

The Big Bang Theor

Episode 13, Season 12


Episode 12, Season 4

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Episode 6, Season 0


True Detective

Episode 3, Season 3

The Blacklist

Episode 4, Season 6


Episode 3, Season 5

Ray Donovan

Episode 12, Season 6

Marvel's The Punis...

Episode 13, Season 2



The Other Two: TV Review: 'The Other Two'

Typically, TV shows trying to replicate viral fame is more cringe-inducing than truly funny. The internet’s rapidly shifting whims make guessing the next big thing near impossible, and trying to make already hyperbolic situations even more exaggerated for comedic effect tend to result in flat parodies that only highlight how tricky and unpredictable viral fame truly is. This challenge, luckily, is one that “The Other Two” recognizes and actively fights to overcome. Co-created by former “Saturday ... more

The Good Doctor: Good Doctor Winter Premiere Recap: Did Lim Survive the Quara...

This week on The Good Doctor, Morgan aids an infected Lim, while Shaun performs his first solo operation, mid-quarantine. Down in the emergency room, we learn that the deadly virus, which has already claimed three lives, is not in fact airborne. Morgan discovers that EMT Tyler had a hole in his mask, which allowed blood and saliva particles to travel and infect him during transport of those sickly airline passengers. Lim, who was the fourth person to contract the virus, was last seen passed out. She pull... more

The Passage: 'The Passage' Boss Breaks Down Aging Amy and Giving the Vira...

Author Justin Cronin’s “The Passage” trilogy consists of more than two thousand pages chronicling a post-apocalyptic world in which an attempt at finding a new immune system booster turned people into “virals,” superhuman creatures that communicate telepathically and have a vampire-like thirst for blood. The majority of the action takes place once the virals are already dominating the world, but when adapting Cronin’s tome for her new Fox drama of the same name, executive producer and showrunn... more

The Resident: The Resident Midseason Premiere Recap: Who Didn't Make It Ou...

Ding dong, the witch is dead. Although The Resident‘s fall finale had hinted at a possible demise for both Marshall Winthrop and Julian Booth, it was someone else entirely who left Monday’s winter premiere in a body bag: embattled oncologist Dr. Lane Hunter. As for Marshall and Julian, only one of those cliffhangers was fully resolved in Monday’s episode, with the other taking an even more worrying turn. Read on for the details of “After the Fall”: LIFE IN THE FAST LANE | With the help of Dr.... more

Charmed: 'Charmed' Casts Jimmy Tatro and Scott Porter (Exclusive)

Jimmy Tatro and Scott Porter have been cast in an upcoming episode of the first season of the CW’s “Charmed,” Variety has learned exclusively. Tatro, who is best known for “American Vandal” and a recent stint on the second season of “The Guest Book,” will guest star as a “bad boy” angel named Gideon, while Porter (“Friday Night Lights,” “The Good Wife,” “Hart of Dixie”) will guest star as “good guy” angel Levi. Gideon and Levi are a brother duo from a show within the s... more





Episode 11, Season 16

Crazy Ex-Girlfrien

Episode 10, Season 4

Hell's Kitchen

Episode 12, Season 18

The Blacklist

Episode 4, Season 6

Hawaii Five-0

Episode 13, Season 9



Episode 11, Season 3


Episode 10, Season 4

Rupaul's All Stars...

Episode 6, Season 4


Episode 10, Season 2

Fresh Off the Boat

Episode 11, Season 5


MacGyver (2016)

Episode 13, Season 3

The Grand Tour (20...

Episode 1, Season 3

How To Get Away Wi...

Episode 9, Season 5

Law & Order: SVU

Episode 12, Season 20

The Good Place

Episode 11, Season 3