Killjoys: A Bout, A Girl
Season 5, Episode 5: " A Bout, A Girl "

This season so far has been stuffed with Killjoys' schemes that have fallen apart. This time out, they were going to take over the supermax ship on which they were imprisoned by winning its annual fighting ch... more

Queen of the South: Mientras Dormías
Season 4, Episode 11: " Mientras Dormías "

While Teresa was sleeping all hell was about to break loose on Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 11. Tony was dead, Teresa was unconscious, and there was no end to the list of suspects who could have plant... more

Queen Sugar: Stare at the Same ...
Season 4, Episode 9: " Stare at the Same Fires "

  • Of Several Centuries
    Nova was having one the best days she’s had in months on Queen Sugar Sea...
  • By Any Chance
    The Bordelon clan struggled through Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 5, as t...

Everyone gets knocked down eventually and it was Charley's turn on Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 9. It was difficult to blame Charley for going on a bender; her sister wrote a best-selling tell-all novel that... more

BH90210: The Pitch
Season 1, Episode 2: " The Pitch "

  • The Reunion
    Welcome back to the glitzy, palm tree-laden world of Beverly Hills, Califo...
  • The Pitch
    Well, folks, it looks like we’re getting a reboot after all. It’s ...

Well, folks, it looks like we’re getting a reboot after all. It’s just not coming in the way many fans hoped it would. BH90210 Season 1 Episode 2 sets the stage for a continuation of the 90210 story,... more

Suits: If the Shoe Fits
Season 9, Episode 5: " If the Shoe Fits "

  • 25th Hour
    Pearson Specter Litt, what will become of you? After Suits Season 5 Epi...
  • A Win is a Win?
    What happened to "you complete me?" The bromance between Harvey and Mike has ...

Mike Ross has changed.  That was the big takeaway from Suits Season 9 Episode 5 which featured Patrick J. Adams' big return to the series after more than a year away.  There's always a lot of exciteme... more





The Handmaid's Tal

Episode 13, Season 3


Episode 9, Season 2


Episode 2, Season 1


Episode 5, Season 9

Yellowstone (2018)

Episode 8, Season 2


Four Weddings and ...

Episode 6, Season 1


Episode 5, Season 1


Episode 13, Season 7


Episode 8, Season 3

The Loudest Voice

Episode 7, Season 1



Nathan Fielder Sets HBO Overall Deal, Docu-Series and Comedy...

Nathan Fielder has signed a one year overall deal at HBO, Variety has learned exclusively. Under the deal, Fielder will serve as executive producer on”How To…With John Wilson,” which has been ordered to series at HBO, and an untitled comedy pilot in which Fielder will star as well as write and direct. “How To…With John Wilson” is a half-hour, first person documentary series hosted by an anxious New Yorker (Wilson) who attempts to give everyday advice while dealing with his own personal ... more

Russian Doll: 'Russian Doll' Will Likely End After Season 3, Natasha Lyonn...

Three seasons, what a concept. But it’s the concept that creator and star Natasha Lyonne is envisioning for her high-concept sci-fi series Russian Doll, which debuted to rave reviews this past February and has already been renewed for a second season. But Lyonne says that the Groundhog Day-esque series likely won’t go much further than that, based on her plans for the Russian Doll ending. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lyonne revealed that she has a three-season plan for Russ... more

Succession: HBO's 'Succession' Season 2 Premiere Sets Series Ratings Rec...

“Succession” was a success in its Season 2 premiere. The Emmy-nominated HBO drama drew 1.2 million multiplatform viewers on Sunday, a new series record. That overall-sets-of-eyeballs tally — which includes those who tuned-in for the pay-TV channel’s 9 p.m. airing and encores, as well as data from streaming platforms HBO Go and HBO Now — is up 32% from the series premiere (which aired June 3, 2018) and 22% from the Season 1 finale (Aug. 5, 2018). When just counting the 9 o’clock telecast on H... more

Legion: 'Legion' Series Finale: Noah Hawley on That Ending, New Begi...

The last shot of “Legion” had been in Noah Hawley’s mind for a while, but how it came to be carried more than a few surprises. “I definitely had a sense coming out of Season 2 that the end of the show was the beginning of the show; that the last image we saw would be the first image that we saw,” Hawley told IndieWire. “I feel like there was something really perfect to that. I always knew in a broader sense what the three acts of the story had to be, but that doesn’t mean I knew how the st... more

Lifetime's College Admissions Scandal Movie Adds Penelope An...

Lifetime’s take on the widely publicized college admissions scandal has found its leads in Penelope Ann Miller and Mia Kirshner… but they’re not playing who you think they’re playing. Initially greenlit in July, the cable flick – tentatively titled College Admissions Scandal – will chronicle the real-life story of how more than 50 individuals were exposed for criminally conspiring to influence admissions decisions at America’s top universities. More from TVLineCollege Admissions Scandal to... more





Episode 5, Season 5

Queen of the South

Episode 11, Season 4


Episode 9, Season 4


Episode 13, Season 7

Reef Break

Episode 8, Season 1


Impractical Jokers

Episode 11, Season 8

The Outpost

Episode 6, Season 2

Two Sentence Horro...

Episode 3, Season 1

Two Sentence Horro...

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Big Brother

Episode 23, Season 21



Episode 19, Season 10

The InBetween

Episode 10, Season 1


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Yellowstone (2018)

Episode 8, Season 2


Episode 5, Season 1