The Blacklist: The Third Estate
Season 6, Episode 17: " The Third Estate "

  • The Director
    Remember how the The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 8 was a dud and felt like ...
  • Vanessa Cruz
    A sexy widow out for revenge, intricately setting up the people who got he...

Ressler just won't stop. On The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 17, Ressler spent his spare time hunting for information about Katarina Rostova and came up with a doozy. I can't remember if Ressler actually k... more

Dynasty: How Two-Faced Can ...
Season 2, Episode 17: " How Two-Faced Can You Get "

  • Snowflakes in Hell
    You can take the Carringtons out of the manor, but you can't take the man...
  • A Champagne Mood
    No time got wasted on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 10. The crash at the e...

Was that not the scariest image to ever grace our TV screens? After a brief hiatus, Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17 wasted no time addressing the Liam-sized elephant in the room while also revealing Alexis' new... more

Proven Innocent: SEAL Team Deep Six
Season 1, Episode 10: " SEAL Team Deep Six "

  • Cross to Bear
    Criminal defense attorneys often take the stand that even personally repul...
  • A CinderHella Story
    It had to happen sooner or later. Defending the wrongfully convicted a...

Maddie and company found a new court in which to attempt to free a wrongfully convicted prisoner. This time out, they veered into JAG territory on Proven Innocent Season 1 Episode 10. Not surprisingly, i... more

Chilling Adventures of Sabri...: The Passion of Lup...
Season 1, Episode 13: " Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of... "

  • The Witching Hour
    It gets worse before it gets better, although in Sabrina's case it is like...
  • Chapter Twelve
    Dismantling the patriarchy has never looked so good, with the premiere of ...

The dark side of things finally caught up with Sabrina and those around her.  Everyone in one way or another ended up dealing with something they might have been hiding from, with Sabrina receiving the harsh... more

Gotham: They Did What?
Season 5, Episode 11: " They Did What? "

It's hard to believe that Gotham is almost over.  Gotham Season 5 has moved fast as we prepare to say our final goodbye and Gotham Season 5 Episode 11 was no different. It was an incredible hour where ... more





Game of Thrones

Episode 52, Season 0

The Act

Episode 6, Season 1

Killing Eve

Episode 3, Season 2

The Twilight Zone ...

Episode 3, Season 0

Star Trek: Discove...

Episode 14, Season 2


Grey's Anatomy

Episode 22, Season 15

Line Of Duty

Episode 1, Season 0


Episode 19, Season 14


Episode 2, Season 1

Warrior (2019)

Episode 1, Season 0



'The Mandalorian': First Look at 'Star Wars' Series Revealed...

[YouTube=GrlTosbjylA] A galaxy far, far away just got a little bit bigger as “Star Wars” fans got a first look at “The Mandalorian.” Disney debuted four new stills and roughly three minutes of teaser footage showing Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian warrior, Carl Weathers’ character Greef Carga, and Gina Carano’s character Cara Dune during the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago on Sunday. Pascal’s titular character is modeled after iconic bounty hunters Jango and Boba Fett from the earlier trilo... more

Manifest: "Manifest" Renewed by NBC for Season 2

NBC has renewed “Manifest” for a second season. The network has not yet settled on an episode count, a person with knowledge of the renewal tells TheWrap. “In just its first season, ‘Manifest’ has answered many questions about the mystery of Flight 828 and, smartly, asks many more,” said Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta, co-presidents of scripted programming, NBC Entertainment. “Congratulations to Jeff Rake, our producers, cast and crew who have created an incredibly addictive series with compe... more

Vice Live: Viceland Cancels Nightly 'Vice Live' Series After Less Than ...

After a month and a half, Viceland is pulling the plug on “Vice Live,” its weeknight live show, due to low ratings. “Vice Live” aired Monday through Thursday from Vice’s Brooklyn headquarters, originally launching as a two-hour nightly showcase of all things Vice. Viceland later cut the show to one hour a night, but “Vice Live” never managed to catch on in pop culture. The show premiered on Feb. 25 to just 77,000 viewers, making it one of cable’s least-watched shows in primetime. The fin... more

Game of Thrones: HBO Touts Record-Setting Ratings on Strength of 'Game of Thr...

As you may or may not be aware, a lot of people watched television last night. On the strength of a much-hyped return for monoculture juggernaut “Game of Thrones,” HBO released the cross-platform viewership numbers for its Sunday night programming. The network claimed in a statement that 17.4 million viewers tuned in to its flagship series, a number culled from audiences watching on HBO and its two streaming options: HBOGO and HBO NOW. “Yesterday accounts for largest night of streaming activity ev... more

John Cusack to Star in Amazon Series 'Utopia'

John Cusack will star in a series regular role as Dr. Kevin Christie in Amazon’s upcoming show “Utopia.” In “Utopia,” a group of young adults who meet online are mercilessly hunted by a shadowy deep state organization after they come into possession of a near-mythical cult underground graphic novel. They discover the conspiracy theories in the comic’s pages may actually be real and are forced into the dangerous, unique and ironic position of saving the world. Cusack will play Christie, a cha... more





Episode 8, Season 3

Warrior (2019)

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Proven Innocent

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Last Man Standing

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