Legacies: Screw Endgame
Season 2, Episode 5: " Screw Endgame "

Legacies has been the lighter of the three series set in The Vampire Diaries Universe.  What Legacies Season 2 Episode 5 did was zero in on the lighthearted storylines, while also increasing the emotional ... more

A Million Little Things: Goodnight
Season 2, Episode 8: " Goodnight "

  • Unexpected
    There is so much to love about A Million Little Things.  When the ser...
  • Secrets and Lies
    A hiatus does the body good.  The series returned and A Million Litt...

Death is but a natural part of life, and saying goodbye to loved ones is something everyone has to do at some point. It was another death on A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 8, and it was someone we ... more

Superstore: Toy Drive
Season 5, Episode 8: " Toy Drive "

  • Self-Care
    Stress levels were at an all time high on Superstore Season 5 Episode 5. ...
  • Trick Or Treat
    Amy and Jonah finally remembered they were in a relationship on Superstor...

Amy and Jonah help Mateo run a toy drive on Superstore Season 5 Episode 8. But with another charity collecting money outside of Cloud 9, Mateo isn't receiving enough donations to portray his love for the com... more

Supernatural: Proverbs 17
Season 15, Episode 5: " Proverbs 17:3 "

  • Scarecrow
    Burkitsville, Indiana One Year Ago Vince and Holly Parker, a newlywed couple...
  • Sam and Dean's Crime Spree
    This week's Supernatural is titled "Slash Fiction," and thankfully it has not...

How the hell are they supposed to fight God, indeed! Sam and Dean found themselves in a precarious situation on Supernatural Season 15 Episode 5 when God decided to play a few games (and bring back an old f... more

Mom: Pork Butt and a Ma...
Season 7, Episode 7: " Pork Butt and a Mall Walker "

Revelations are coming to light on Mom Season 7 Episode 7, and they hit close to home.  Mom is a series that always does well when it's trying to balance real life with comedy, and there are elements of "Po... more






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His Dark Materials

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Grey's Anatomy

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Shameless: Shameless Boss Talks Fiona's Absence, Previews 'Gallavich' C...

The Gallagher family officially enters a new phase when Shameless returns for Season 10 this Sunday: life without their matriarch Fiona. Now that the eldest sibling (played by Emmy Rossum) has exited the Showtime dramedy, power dynamics have shifted within the clan, executive producer John Wells shares in the following Q&A. Off-setting Fi’s departure are the series-regular returns of Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and Mickey (Noel Fisher), but love behind bars won’t be easy for the jailhouse couple. Rea... more

Green Eggs and Ham: 'Green Eggs and Ham' Review: The Dr. Seuss Classic Becomes a...

Even at their simplest, Dr. Seuss stories are carefully crafted bridges. For children figuring out how to read or anyone taking their first swings at the English language, the legendary author’s picture books are handy springboards into a bigger world. So it makes sense that “Green Eggs and Ham,” a Netflix animated series based on one of Seuss’ most quintessential works, functions in largely the same way for newcomers to TV. Extrapolating out the few dozen words of the original story to a 13-ep... more

Blindspot: Blindspot's Shortened Final Season Held for Summer 2020 on N...

The fates of four Blindspot characters will hang in the balance a little longer than expected. TVLine has confirmed that the NBC drama’s fifth and final season — which was missing from the network’s just-released midseason schedule — will be held until Summer 2020. A specific premiere date has not been announced, but Blindspot‘s swan song will be shorter than previous seasons, spanning just 13 episodes. During Blindspot‘s Season 4 finale, Jane, Weller and the rest of the FBI team wer... more

The Magicians: Magicians Grieves for Quentin, Embarks on Endgame Quest in S...

[YouTube=LYZ3ekClINo] The Magicians gang is not about to accept Quentin’s death without a fight, so naturally, they’re turning to the Avengers for inspiration in Season 5. In TVLine’s exclusive teaser, Q’s friends are still reeling from his sacrifice and coping as best as they can. “No one gets to tell you how to grieve,” Alice’s mom informs her daughter. “Only you know where it’s going to take you. You need to do something crazy to get through it.” Speaking of crazy, Margo has a ... more

Arrow: Is This Is Us' Beth AA-Bound? Should Arrow Text Felicity? Mo...

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Morning Show, The Affair, Arrow, SEAL Team and Chicago Med! 1 | As Batwoman viewer Steven suggested, would Teen Beth have been wiser to use her moments of freedom to run out of the house, instead of stop to place a phone call? 2 | On The Affair, if Cole moved back to Montauk right after Joanie went to college, wouldn’t Noah and Joanie h... more




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Mr Inbetween

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