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Westworld is a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin. Set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, it explores a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.
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Westworld: SEASON 2, EPISODE 1: Journey Into Night | TVBuzer

Aired: April 22,2018

The puppet show is over, and we are coming for you and the rest of your kind. Welcome back to Westworld.... more

Westworld LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


A Provocative, Visually Stunning Update to the Classic

Westworld is a wide, sweeping drama re-introducing us to the world Michael Crichton brought to life once before for the big screen in 1973. It's a compelling and thrilling look at what it means to be human in this technologically driven world. The stories revolve around the Gods, or park creators and engineers, the park employees, the hosts (AI) and the guests, called newcomers by the AI. At its heart, Westworld is a character study. Whether human or AI, the question rema... more


There is a lot at play during Westworld Season 1 Episode 2, and if you try to find meaning in all of it straight away (meaning, even, during this hour), you're likely to become frustrated. It's my opinion that we're only peeling back the layers of these many storylines. It might feel as though some of them are coming at us too soon and without enough information to process what's going on, but because they intersect with other stories along the way, it made sense to someone to in the wri... more

The Stray

We learned a bit more about the park and the history of the "hosts" on Westworld Season 1 Episode 3. For 30 years Ford worked with his partner, Arnold, simply creating. They had no park, no board.  And almost immediately upon creating what would later become the hosts, they passed the Turing test, meaning their intelligence was virtually indistinguishable from that of a human. Arnold's quest was to make the hosts conscious, something he felt he couldn't achie... more



Westworld: 'Westworld' Roundup: Casting, Spoilers and Speculations for Season 2 News | TVBuzer

'Westworld' Roundup: Casting, Spoilers and Speculations for Season 2

HBO's Westworld season 1, which serves as a prequel for the rest of the series, came to a violent end-- with Dolores shooting Ford while an army of reactivated hosts emerges. So what's in store for Westworld season 2? Old and new faces, time jumps, new locations and a new format, among others. Here's what you need to know before Westworld returns in 2018. more

Westworld: What Do the Messages on the 'Westworld' Site Mean? News | TVBuzer

What Do the Messages on the 'Westworld' Site Mean?

There are some crazy things happening on the Westworld website Discover Westworld. And these changes might just have some hints about what will happen when Westworld returns in a year. Some eagle-eyed Redditors  noticed there was a glitch on the website. Then it looked like someone inside the park was using the site to call out to the outside world for help. "Is anybody out there? Something's gone wrong. We need h... more

Westworld: 7 Shows to Watch While You Wait for 'Game of Thrones' News | TVBuzer

7 Shows to Watch While You Wait for 'Game of Thrones'

We watched the ice melt and discovered we have to wait another four excruciating months before the premiere of season 7 of Game of Thrones In years past, new seasons of our favorite epic fantasy have premiered sometime in the early weeks of spring, but winter is coming much later than usual in 2017, not until July to be precise. That's plenty of time to rewatch seasons 1-6 and then some, but it's hard to find a series that can fill the void left behind once that binge is complete. Al... more


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