Aired: Apr 17, 2014 , Thursday at 22:00 on History

Season Finale

Episode Summary: Princess Aslaug's latest prophecy comes to fruition as she readies to give birth once more; Ragnar and Horik have very different ideas about the true purpose of their trip to Wessex.
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Siggy talks Auslag through her difficult labor. She tells her how to push out the baby and choose to live. Auslag manages to birth her son. Horik tells Lagertha that they must leave for Wessex soon but she needs time to prepare for the trip. Porunn runs up to them and tells Bjorn that Ragnar has a new son. The men all head back into town but Lagertha asks who Porunn is to Bjorn. He says she is a servant that he's in love with. Ragnar sits with Auslag as he holds their son. He says her pr... more

Choose Life

I'd say the title pretty much gave the game away this week, as the opening scene of Vikings Season 2 Episode 8 featured Aslaug suffering through the birth of Ivar the Boneless. History tells us that Ragnar's son goes on to become the future Viking ruler of modern-day Denmark and Sweden. Not bad for a kid with brittle bones whose father almost killed him. Elsewhere, King Ecbert welcomed Princess Cwenthryth of Mercia, one of the largest and richest neighboring kingdoms. She took a liking ... more



Comic-Con 2014: Friday Schedule for TV-Related Events -- 'Game of Thrones,' 'Sleepy Hollow' and More

Everyone's eagerly anticipating San Diego Comic-Con 2014. So to help you plan for the big event, here are all the television-related panels and event information for Friday, July 25. Friday, July 25 10-11am -- Cartoon Network's Uncle Grandpa and Clarence -- Featuring creator Pete Browngardt, Kevin Michael Richardson, more

Sigmund Freud to Get TV Treatment from 'Downton Abbey' Producer and 'X-Files' Scribe

A "Freudian slip" takes on a whole different meaning with the announcement that a 'Downton Abbey' producer, Carnival Films, and former 'The X-Files' scribe, Frank Spotnitz , will be developing a crime series centered on the famed father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. The series, called 'Freud: The Secret Casebook,' will portray the ... more

'Vikings' Interview: 4 Questions About Porunn Answered by Gaia Weiss

Last night's episode of Vikings introduced Porunn, a slave girl who catches the eye of Ragnar's son Bjorn. Actress Gaia Weiss is certainly no stranger to period pieces, having starred in the big screen adaptation of Hercules. Even so, the world of Vikings can be harsh and brutal, particularly for a slave girl. Unfortunately, it seems likely the relationship between Porunn and Bjorn will be more complicated than "... more


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