Time After Time

Aired: Mar 19, 2017 , Sunday at 21:00 on ABC


Episode Summary: Dr. John Stevenson has met his match in a stunning - and equally cunning - doctor named Brooke Monroe, while H.G. and Jane travel back to the 1980s where they make a shocking discovery that could change Vanessa's life.
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Secrets Stolen

There are some really good plot developments as well as some seriously problematic elements in Time After Time Season 1 Episode 4 After Time After Time Season 1 Episode 3 that focused almost completely on fleshing out most of the the relationships, this offering reveals some excellent backstory to explain how so many people knew the time travelers were coming. Thankfully, less time is spent on the labored romantic relationship between Wells and Jane although we still have to put up with... more



ABC Cancels 'Time After Time'

ABC's Time After Time has made history. Time After Time is the first of the latest craze of network TV time travel shows to be officially canceled. TVLine reports that the show will be pulled immediately from ABC's Sunday night schedule with no plans for it to ever air again. Time After Time followed the adventures of a time-traveling H.G. Wells who was hunting his best friend John throughout history. The ... more


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