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Aired: Nov 14, 2017 , Tuesday at 21:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: Kevin goes back to his high school to accept an award. Jack and Rebecca get excited about their kids' futures.
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The Rise and Fall of Kevin Pearson

Fans of Kevin Pearson on This Is Us get a full episode dedicated to him. In "Number One," a spiraling-out-of-control Kevin heads back to his old high school to get an alumni award. The trip brings back memories of his relationship with his father and the night he broke his knee on the field that ended his football career.Always Number OneFrom the day he was born, Kevin has always been number one in his parents' eyes. He was the first one born, and he was the first one to... more

Number One

For those who have been wanting the full Kevin Pearson story, This Is Us Season 2 Episode 8 surely delivered.  And it was devastating!  I'll admit, I haven't been the biggest advocate for Kevin, and I think it's because I didn't understand his story entirely. All of that changed after this episode. Kevin has been on a downward spiral, hiding out in his room, popping pills and chasing them with copious amounts of alcohol. He's even grown a beard during his little bre... more



How Toby's Flawless Behavior Is Creating Problems for 'This Is Us'

The This is Us episode "The Most Disappointed Man" didn't offer many happy endings for the Pearson family. Randall discovered that if he wanted to keep Deja as his daughter, he was going to have to fight her mother tooth and claw. Kevin got dangerously close to rock bottom, delivering a tearful (possibly break-up) rant to Sophie. For a while it looked Kate would follow suit with her brothers in misery, by going through with a completely unromantic wedding she didn't want entirely want for... more

Why Jack's Big Family Reveal in 'This Is Us' Is More Than a Standard Twist

It may not be true of every episode but it's frequent enough to make an impact:  This Is Us likes to throw twists at its audience. Very often the show will reveal something about the Pearson family that was unknown before now. For a while in the episode "Brothers" it seemed like This Is Us would lack this type of jaw-dropping moment, but the final seconds delivered.  It was revealed that Jack has been keeping ... more

'This Is Us' Actor on How Toby Will React to Kate's Pregnancy News

This is Us dropped a huge life-altering bombshell about Chrissy Metz's Kate last week. The aspiring singer has been focusing on eating healthy and exercising not because she was trying to fit into a dress but because she's pregnant. While viewers already know she's six weeks along, her fiance Toby has yet to find out. So why didn't Kate reveal the news to Toby, and how will Toby react? According to Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby, there may be several reasons Kate was ... more


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