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Aired: Nov 28, 2017 , Tuesday at 21:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: Randall and Beth are faced with a hard choice. Jack takes Randall on a college tour.
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Fall Finale Do Beth and Randall Fight to Keep Deja?

It's Randall's turn to experience troubles of his own on the same day his sister loses her baby and Kevin has a breakdown on This Is Us. In this episode, titled "Number Three," Randall and Beth deal with Deja's mother's release from prison, which is much earlier than they expected. Meanwhile, in the past, Jack takes Randall to visit Howard University, a mostly black school, in DC.Off BalanceOn the same day that Kevin has an interview with a college football coach, Randal... more

Number Three

I'd like to say that This Is Us Season 2 Episode 10 saved the best for last.  Going along with the trend, the fall finale focused solely on the "third-born" Randall, who, unsurprisingly, was the first of the triplets to talk. It was a dead giveaway that he was going to be gifted, but as we learned this week, Ivy league wasn't his goal. He wanted to be somewhere where he felt like he finally belonged.  We saw Randall on the same timeline as his siblings. In the past, ... more



'This Is Us' Creator Dan Fogelman Teases Season 2 Spoilers

The mid-season finale of This Is Us left fans with plenty of questions to ponder, including the fate of Kevin following his DUI, the identity of the mystery child and where he might end up going, as well as the biggest mystery of all, Jack's death. While series creator Dan Fogelman couldn't reveal direct answers to those topics, he did share hints about what's to come. "We have big episodes in short order," Fogelman told Deadline about the second half of season 2. According to Fogelman, there will be an intense 12-... more

Is 'This Is Us' Ignoring an Important Part of the Pearson Family in Season 2?

This Is Us concluded its trilogy of episodes focusing on The Big Three (and its episodes for 2017) in a pretty mundane way. The last shot of "Number Three" was of Jack Pearson looking at his family gathered in living room with one of This Is Us' typical dramatically poignant voiceovers as narration. But right before the conclusion, things were undeniably tense, with a drunk Kevin driving a car with his niece Tess in the backsea... more

'This Is Us' Is Finally Taking Steps to Repair Its Weakest Relationship

Since This Is Us has begun there has been a rift in the Pearson family and not just the obvious one caused by Jack's death. This Is Us has always kept mother and daughter, Kate and Rebecca, at arms' length or more with very little justification.  Season 2 opened with Kate confessing that she resents Rebecca simply for existing, but that did little for their relationship besides setting Kate up as self-absorbed ... more


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