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Aired: Jan 10, 2017 , Thursday at 21:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: Kate struggles with her feelings in the aftermath of Toby's heart attack. As William begins to spend more time with Jesse, Randall has to get used to his father's new relationship. After receiving the news they're expecting triplets, Jack and Rebecca must find a way to afford a home that can accommodate three babies. Olivia unexpectedly resurfaces, throwing more
... both Kevin and Sloane for a loop.
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The Right Thing to Do

Jack and Rebecca might have been scared to death at the prospect of having triplets on the way, but they did pretty in the long run. The conversation between Jabecca and the doctor on This Is Us Season 1 Episode 11 that exposed their new reality was very cute. Milo Ventimiglia somehow managed the perfect "is this guy crazy" laughter when the guy wondered what they'd think if he suggested they were having twins. Their reactions to the truth just followed suit. It's hard to imagine an a... more

Winter Premiere What is Toby's Fate?

Will Rebecca turn out to be a liar on This Is Us? When we last left the present day Pearsons, everyone was having an amazing Christmas Eve until Toby had a health crisis that landed him on the operating table. So does nothing bad really happen on Christmas Eve? Or was this the year that everything changed?The winter premiere, titled "The Right Thing to Do," picks up right after Christmas. Kate learns Toby's fate, Sloane questions her relationship with Kevin, and Randall adjusts to his father's relationshi... more



'This Is Us' Will Reveal How Jack Died in Season 2

One of the biggest mysteries on This Is Us will finally be answered when the show returns for season 2. Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) death is something fans have known for quite some time but the nature of his demise remains ambiguous. Why Fans Should Stop Worrying About How Jack Died on This Is Us According to cast member Sterling K. Brown, however, the moment fans have been anxious about (and at the same time looking forward to)... more

Why Fans Should Stop Worrying About How Jack Died on 'This Is Us'

As a "slice of life" family drama,  This Is Us shouldn't have big all-consuming mysteries. Yet since the second episode fans have been obsessed with figuring out what happened to Jack Pearson and once we learned that he died, how it happened. This Is Us has dropped some tantalizing hints about Jack's death that have set fans abuzz even more than usual but ultimately how Jack died doesn't matter. There is no way tha... more

What Fans Can Expect to See from William in 'This Is Us' Season 2

Randall Pearson's biological father, William, might have died in This is Us season 1. But just like Randall's adoptive father Jack, William will live on in the show.  In an interview with TVGuide, Ron Cephas Jones, who plays William, admitted that he will be back for season 2 through flashbacks. The actor doesn't know exactly when, how and why William will appear again but he has some thoughts and hopes for the return of his character. "William's character will b... more


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