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Episode Summary: Groups unite their forces and converge on the Hilltop; Aaron and Enid search for allies; Simon takes matters into his own hands.
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The Lost and the Plunderers

Well, so much for honoring Carl's dying wish. On The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10, Rick and Michonne took a little trip to visit Jadis, Enid and Aaron tried in vain to recruit the Oceanside members in the fight against the Saviors, and Simon ended up going off the deep end. The format of this episode was unlike anything we've seen before on The Walking Dead, and while I wasn't a particular fan of jumping around in time, it served its purpose -- for better or worse -- in pushing th... more

Which Community is Destroyed at the Hands of the Saviors?

After Rick and Michonne bury Carl on The Walking Dead, it's time for them to figure out their next move. Rick questions what Carl's dying words meant when he told him to stop fighting. Meanwhile, in this episode, titled "The Lost and the Plunderers," Negan and Simon don't see eye to eye about their next moves in winning the war, Aaron tries to get the women of Oceanside to join the fight, and Jadis has a lot to lose at the landfill.MichonneMichonne lets Rick mourn his lo... more



Will Simon's Plan Work on 'The Walking Dead'?

The Saviors' battle cry might be "I am Negan" but that's a Kool-Aid that Simon is no longer sipping. Simon has long been the most prominent member of The Saviors (besides their leader) but always as Negan's right-hand man. Now, Simon has turned against Negan. As of the episode "The Key," Simon has enacted a mutiny against Negan, leaving Lucille's owner for dead and launching a plan to "expunge" all enemies of the Saviors. None of it looks good for Rick and crew but just because Simon has a plan to kill everyone doesn't mean he'll succeed... more

Why It's Important for Rick's Group on 'The Walking Dead' to Trust Other Communities

Yes, Rick and friends have been burned in the past by various groups on The Walking Dead. But there have also been good groups out there too. The latest group, lead by a woman named Georgie, is introduced in "The Key." Maggie is hesitant to trust this woman, but in the end, she makes a good decision, which could help with the future of the Hilltop. I think that meeting and trusting new groups and communities is the key to building the future as Carl wanted. Good Relationships Are Built on Trust The only way t... more

Will Negan's Biological Warfare Plan Work on 'The Walking Dead'?

In "Dead or Alive Or," Negan comes up with a plan to use walker blood and guts as a weapon to defeat Rick, or at least scare his group to get in line and play nice. How exactly will this work? Is this a good idea? Will it really scare people enough to make them fall in line? Or will it just piss them off more and make the war go on longer? How Will It Work? As a way to get Negan off his back about making bullets for a little bit, Eugene suggests he make medieval catapults to toss walker parts over the fences of their ... more


The Lost and the Plunderers FAN COMMENTS (1)

  • Level 44
    This show has grown convoluted, and gone downhill this whole season. Even last season was rather disappointing. Loads of flashbacks, long moments of close ups, dramatic music, that don't serve anything except taking up time. Rick had his chance to end this several episodes ago. I only stick with it now, because I've invested so much time. Many folks I know, have stopped watching it altogether. They should have never got rid of the showrunner they had. Kirkman has made a mess of this.


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