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Aired: Oct 20, 2013 , Sunday at 21:00 on amc

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Episode Summary: As the group faces a brand new enemy, Rick and the others must fight to protect the livelihood they worked so hard to create at the prison.
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At the fences there is a flashlight shining on some Walkers. Whoever is holding the flashlight dangles a rat through the fence, feeding a Walker. Chase and Karen are sitting together in the library kissing, until she notices that he is distracted. He tells her that he can’t keep their last supply run out of his head. He’s sick of meeting people, and then losing them to the Walkers. He starts singing and they get close. She shuts him down and they go back to their cells. On her way back to her cell she... more

Farmer Rick is No More and Tyreese Gets a Terrible Shock

During last week's season 4 premiere, we learned that Rick's crew turned the prison into a peaceful safe haven, only to see that peace interrupted when one of the occupants died from a mysterious disease and resurrected inside the prison walls. In this week's episode, "Infected," the prison residents experience the fallout from that unexpected turning, and someone goes to extreme measures to try and stop the disease from spreading. Read on to find out if The Walking Dead can deliver the mix of sw... more

Attack the Block

" Infected" was a better episode of The Walking Dead than " 30 Days Without an Accident," but it couldn't have had the same level of impact without the premiere as its lead in. Without seeing Rick as the boring farmer with no gun, there couldn't be a payoff after all the craziness of the hour when he finally reattached his belt and holster. Viewers don't want to see Rick digging in the mud, sure, but if the season gave him only one episode before he decided to lock and load again, it would have ... more



EXCLUSIVE: Josh McDermitt Talks Eugene, ‘The Walking Dead’ and Mullets

As a major character on one of the most universally enjoyed television shows out there, Josh McDermitt has struck gold with his role as the odd, mullet-loving, fake-scientist Eugene Porter. 'The Walking Dead' is one of those shows that seems to strike a chord with everyone. Whether you love a good drama, or are in it for the blood and guts, 'The Walki... more

'The Walking Dead' Recap: Daryl and Carol's Journey to Find Beth

So ... I can't be the only one who would be happy to jettison the rest of the 15+ cast of The Walking Dead and just have a show starring Carol and Daryl, right? While this week doesn't advance the plot very much, TV watchers are treated to incredible character moments and reminders of how far these two people have come in five seasons. One used to be a meek, insecure woman who was abused by her husband. The other was an incessant racist with no redeeming qualities. more

'The Walking Dead' Recap: The Truth About Eugene Comes Out

This week, there were a number of articles talking about how this season of The Walking Dead is the best ever. (I would also agree with those sentiments.) Many of the critics behind those episodes credit the mission to get to DC as one of the reasons why -- for the first time ever, the characters on the show had a sense of hope and an actual goal. We learn in this week's episode, however, that hope is lost. In fact, there is no hope. And there never was. more


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