The Walking Dead

Aired: Oct 20, 2013 , Sunday at 21:00 on amc

Between Seasons

Episode Summary: As the group faces a brand new enemy, Rick and the others must fight to protect the livelihood they worked so hard to create at the prison.
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Farmer Rick is No More and Tyreese Gets a Terrible Shock

During last week's season 4 premiere, we learned that Rick's crew turned the prison into a peaceful safe haven, only to see that peace interrupted when one of the occupants died from a mysterious disease and resurrected inside the prison walls. In this week's episode, "Infected," the prison residents experience the fallout from that unexpected turning, and someone goes to extreme measures to try and stop the disease from spreading. Read on to find out if The Walking Dead can deliver the mix of sw... more



16 TV Characters Who Were Brought Back from the Dead

These days, the death of a major character on a TV show is met equal parts remorse and suspicion. It's become a pretty common plot device for a TV show to shock audiences by suddenly killing off a very substantial character completely out of nowhere. They then leave fans to stew over that death for a while (whether for a couple of episodes, a whole summer, or even a full season) and then display the twist that said character is actually alive.  Let's look back on some of these big characters that we've had to say goodbye to, only to fin... more

Robert Kirkman Fails to Justify the Controversial 'Walking Dead' Cliffhanger

It was bat swing heard round the world when Negan swung his bat, Lucille, down on an apparently beloved Walking Dead character's head in the season 6 finale. It was literally only heard as well because as you probably know by now The Walking Dead left the character a mystery. The decision to end The Walking Dead season 6 finale on a cliffhanger ... more

Why 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Finale Might be the Worst Episode Ever

The Walking Dead season 6 finale had one job. There were multiple things the episode could and should have done but there was one chief goal. After a whole season worth of waiting, the series was finally going to introduce the next central villain, Negan. "The Last Day on Earth" was built all around Negan's entrance into the series and the entire episode was a slow build to... absolutely nothing.  While Jeffrey Dean Morgan was magnetic as Negan when he fina... more


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