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Aired: Nov 19, 2013 , Monday at 20:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: America will vote to eliminate two artists from each team and the remaining 8 will move on to the next phase of the competition.
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The Top 8 Revealed

Tonight, The Voice will send two more singers packing as the top 10 becomes the top 8. We'll also see Blake and Christina perform with their respective teams.I predicted that Kat Robichaud, Will Champlin and Ray Boudreaux will make up the bottom three, and I'm hoping that Will gets the save. If this is the case, The Voice results haven't been all too surprising. Without anyone cracking the iTunes top 10, I'm ready for a surprise -- like, say, Jacquie Lee in the bottom three. Even if that were to... more



'The Voice' Interview: What Song was Evan McKeel Planning for the Top 10?

The live shows on The Voice season 9 are in full swing and we're less than a month away from the big finale in December. But before America crowns a new champion, there are still many more performances to watch and, unfortunately, more eliminations along the way. The latest contestant to be eliminated from the competition is Evan McKeel. I spoke with him during a conference call with reporters. He shared his thoughts on whether he was surprised to be going home, if he would have change... more

'The Voice' Recap: The Top 11 Perform

Here we are in the final stretch of The Voice season 9. With 20 episodes down, only a handful of episodes remain; seven, if my math is correct. The most recent live eliminations left some of us viewers, including your truly, stunned as America used the instant Twitter Save to advance shy and awkward Korin Bukowski over the energetic and alluring and entertaining Mark Hood.  Maybe it was the transformation of Korin's tresses into a platinum-y Gwen Stefani look-alike that bl... more

'The Voice' Predictions: Who Is Going to Be in the Top 10?

The Voice's decision to structure all of their Top 11's performances around family seemed perfunctory. Outside of a few, there was no real connection between song and pre-recorded training package with family members. The family angle was more than likely a really lazy effort to appeal to Thanksgiving on The Voice. Still, it all ended in the Top 11 being one of the strongest live shows thus far. The decision to elimin... more


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