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Aired: Nov 19, 2013 , at 20:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: America will vote to eliminate two artists from each team and the remaining 8 will move on to the next phase of the competition.
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The Top 8 Revealed

Tonight, The Voice will send two more singers packing as the top 10 becomes the top 8. We'll also see Blake and Christina perform with their respective teams.I predicted that Kat Robichaud, Will Champlin and Ray Boudreaux will make up the bottom three, and I'm hoping that Will gets the save. If this is the case, The Voice results haven't been all too surprising. Without anyone cracking the iTunes top 10, I'm ready for a surprise -- like, say, Jacquie Lee in the bottom three. Even if that were to... more



'The Voice' Results: The Top 8 are Revealed

We're up to the results show for the Top 8 artists on The Voice! The Top 10 gave some incredible performances this week, and now we'll have to say goodbye to another two artists. Of course, you'll have the ability to vote in the instant save at the end the episode. While there were some amazing performances, I think Rob Taylor, Deanna Johnson and Joshua Davis will wind up in the bottom three. We'll also get to see a performance from Reba McEntire, which I'm so excited a... more

Cee Lo Green, Gwen Stefani and Usher Return to 'The Voice'

NBC has announced that three former coaches will be making their return to The Voice, but not as judges. Who's coming back and what are their roles? Cee Lo Green, Gwen Stefani and Usher will all be stopping by The Voice as advisers for the Top 8, and we'll get to see these mentoring sessions during the Apri... more

'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Be in the Top 8?

The Top 10 had a night of standout performances on  The Voice. This was especially true for the women. If I had to put money on it right now, I would guess that a woman will be crowned as the champion of season 8. It wasn't a full domination of female vocalists, with a couple performers sneaking in to the best performances of the night. But let's look at who I predict will become the Top 8 of season 8.   Safe Kimberly Nichole: more


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