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Aired: Nov 19, 2013 , Monday at 20:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: America will vote to eliminate two artists from each team and the remaining 8 will move on to the next phase of the competition.
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The Top 8 Revealed

Tonight, The Voice will send two more singers packing as the top 10 becomes the top 8. We'll also see Blake and Christina perform with their respective teams.I predicted that Kat Robichaud, Will Champlin and Ray Boudreaux will make up the bottom three, and I'm hoping that Will gets the save. If this is the case, The Voice results haven't been all too surprising. Without anyone cracking the iTunes top 10, I'm ready for a surprise -- like, say, Jacquie Lee in the bottom three. Even if that were to... more



'The Voice' Announces Coach Returns for Seasons 12 and 13

Those Voice fans who enjoy the current coaching panel in season 11 will have a little more to celebrate as the season continues. NBC has announced the full coaching panel for season 12 and a partial panel for season 13. The faces will be very familiar to fans of The Voice.  Alicia Keys will continue with The Voice for at least one more season. more

'The Voice' Coach Miley Cyrus Reveals Why She Cries When Contestants are Eliminated

The Voice coach Miley Cyrus may seem to have the exterior persona of a tough and edgy girl, but as evidenced by her behavior on the show's recent battle rounds, she is more of a softie than fans realized. Miley seemed visibly moved when having to choose between her team members as some advanced forward and others were eliminated in the competition. The singer sobbed when she had to eliminate contestant Lane Mack during the battle rounds. "I'm not made for this," she decl... more

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Join 'The Voice' Season 11 as Key Advisers

The Voice is bringing in some major talent for season 11. Not one, but two country music superstars will be advising the contestants during the Knockout Rounds -- and they just so happen to be married to each other. NBC has announced that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw will be the key advisers for this season's Knockouts. The two of them will be on hand to help all four teams. "Who better to help guide our artists at this critical point than the first couple of country music, Faith ... more


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