The Voice

Aired: Nov 19, 2013 , at 20:00 on NBC

Between Seasons

Episode Summary: America will vote to eliminate two artists from each team and the remaining 8 will move on to the next phase of the competition.
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The Top 8 Revealed

Tonight, The Voice will send two more singers packing as the top 10 becomes the top 8. We'll also see Blake and Christina perform with their respective teams.I predicted that Kat Robichaud, Will Champlin and Ray Boudreaux will make up the bottom three, and I'm hoping that Will gets the save. If this is the case, The Voice results haven't been all too surprising. Without anyone cracking the iTunes top 10, I'm ready for a surprise -- like, say, Jacquie Lee in the bottom three. Even if that were to... more



'The Voice' Finale Live Blog: The Season 7 Winner Is...

We've made it! We've come to the Season 7 finale of The Voice. That went fast! Last night, we saw the top four, Chris Jamison, Craig Wayne Boyd, Damien, and Matt McAndrew, perform a solo cover, a duet with their coach and an original song in the hopes of becoming The Voice. So, who will win Season 7 of The Voice? My money's on Matt McAndrew. He's been a fan-favorite week after week and has this unique v... more

'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Win Season 7?

We are down to our final four singers on The Voice season 7 and as much as I want to say that it's any body's game, there are clear winners and losers. Voters made their choice based on who had the best song during Monday night's finale, which featured the top four singers performing a solo cover, a duet with his coach and an original song. The artist with the biggest fan base, of course, has the most advantage so at the end of the day it's all about popularity.  In ... more

'The Voice' Recap: The Final 4 Perform

Here we are at the 26th episode of The Voice season 7 and tonight's performances are going to seal the deal for one of four artists still standing. Last week, the Top 5 remaining singers performed twice, resulting in the advancement of three: Chris Jamison, Craig Wayne Boyd and Matt McAndrew. Tuesday night was a mess of last-ditch performances by all the eliminated Top 12 artists vying for the first-ever Wild Card spot. Low and behold, it all went as 33% of our viewing audience sa... more


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