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Aired: May 16, 2017 , Monday at 20:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: America will vote to keep the top 3 artists in the competition. After these finalists are revealed, the bottom 2 artists will be sent home immediately, while the middle 3 artists will compete in the Instant Save for the last spot in the finale.
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Why Jon Mero's 'Voice' Elimination Wasn't That Shocking

The first live show of The Voice season 13 was not kind to Team Adam. Coach Adam Levine had not one but two of his remaining three singers end up in the bottom and had to say goodbye to one of them, due to America's Instant Save. Although Adam Cunningham, who flubbed his Top 12 performance, was one of the artists on the chopping block, Jon Mero (who was praised by the coaches and audience alike) ended up going home. Jon's axing came as a surprise to many but it wasn't entirely shocking... more

'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Make the Top 11?

After a long wait, the power on The Voice is finally back in viewers' hands. It's no longer up to the coaches anymore to determine who stays and who goes as the live shows have officially begun in season 13 and, with them, the viewer voting. In other words, if someone as talented as Emily Luthor leaves The Voice, America has no one but themselves to blame. Even though the live shows are in full swing, the season isn&#... more

Meet the Top 12 Contestants of 'The Voice' Season 13

The Voice season 13 coaches have finalized their teams for the live shows, after the contestants advanced through the Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, Knockouts and the Playoffs. Some of the singers moved around to different teams as Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus used their steals to make their teams as strong as possible. Now only 12 are left in the competition. Meet the Top 12 finalists on more


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