The Purge

Aired: Sep 11, 2018 , Tuesday at 22:00 on USA Network

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Episode Summary: Jane considers the morality of Purge while Miguel searches for Pete the Cop.
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Take What's Yours

It feels a little bit wrong writing about Purging on the latest anniversary of 9/11, but with the division of the country, maybe it's exactly as it should be. While The Purge Season 1 Episode 1 asked the question by way of the title, "What is America?" The Purge Season 1 Episode 2 answers it straight away through a radio announcer: The Purge IS America, so be an American and Purge. Radio Broadcaster ... more



'The Purge' Boss Breaks Down Series Politics, Violence, and Flashbacks

The most recent “Purge” movie may have flashed back to show the origins of the frightening ritual, but the USA television series of the same name won’t be as political. The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) are still a part of the show, most notably through the character of Albert Stanton (Reed Diamond), who is an architect of this new world order. But “for everybody else, it’s background noise,” says showrunner Thomas Kelly. “This is the world they live in.” The show is set a decade after tha... more


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