The Price Is Right

Aired: Jan 12, 2017 , Weekdays at 11:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: Pricing Games: Half Off, Freeze Frame, Line Em Up, Vend-O-Price, Pocket Change, & Bargain Game.
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'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: The Apollo-gy Aftermath

After last week's revelation that Apollo lied about Kenya propositioning him in Los Angeles, what will the aftermath be in this week's episode of  The Real Housewives of Atlanta, "All Tea All Shade"? Will the ladies tell Phaedra about Apollo's confession? If so, will Phaedra bother to apologize to Kenya? My money's on no. I just can't see Phaedra ever admitting she was wrong about Kenya. But it's not like these crazy ladies don&#... more

'The Voice' Recap: A Returning Singer Stuns the Coaches

Well, folks, it's the third night of the Blind Auditions for The Voice's seventh season and the Hollywood Squares-style contestant grids are filling up and the slots for newcomers are dwindling down. Tonight, we had another crew of hopefuls with vocal performances reminiscent of Stevie Wonder, Bonnie Tyler, Bob Marley and The Charlie Daniels Band. By the end of the night, 11 more hopefuls have been added to the list of competitors who will receive coaching from tenured coaches Ada... more

'Dancing With the Stars' Announces Season 18 Cast

Break out your best dancing shoes, folks, because it's time to meet the Season 18 cast of 'Dancing With the Stars.' From a 'Full House' alumto a comedian-turned-game-show-host, this new selection is jam-packedwith a surprising and rather eclectic mix of competitors, all hoping to get their hands onthat elusive Mirror Ball Trophy. But wait, there’s a new twist this time around! At some point during theseason, the stars will swap dance partners and it&r... more


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