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Aired: May 12, 2017 , Friday at 20:00 on The CW

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Episode Summary: After being summoned by the ancestors, Hayley and Klaus travel to the ancestral world and come face to face with Davina, Klaus' former foe and the one person who holds the secrets to The Hollow's demise. Meanwhile, old wounds are re-opened when Elijah and Marcel are forced into an uneasy alliance. Together, they meet with Alaric who has tracked down a crucia more
...l artifact that could help in their fight against The Hollow.
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The Hollow's Identity is Revealed

In this episode of The Originals, titled "Voodoo in My Blood," Marcel and Elijah are forced to work together to try and track down the remaining bones. Klaus and Hayley learn about the Hollow's origins from Davina. And Hayley is informed that she may be the key to stopping the ancient evil once and for all. Hope is showing interest in the mystery witch's remains. She tells Hayley she hears voices telling her that she and her mother are connected to it. Hope has received a message from the Ancestors -- a w... more

Voodoo In My Blood

Flashback episodes are usually low-key affairs that do little to advance the plot.  The same could not be said about The Originals Season 4 Episode 8. It was outstanding. The return of Davina helped peel back the layers on The Hollow, and it was needed.  I've had a love/hate thing going on with the whole Hollow plot, but, boy, I was so glad to get some insight into how the villain was delivered into the world.  I did not expect to get schooled on how the ... more



'The Originals' Casts New Love Interests for Hayley and Hope

Though The Originals has become a tad bit more dramatic and action-packed in recent seasons, the show has never shied away from love. Season 5, The Originals' last year, will be no different. There is romance on the horizon for two ladies from the Mikaelson Family. According to EW, The Originals season 5 has cast two new actors to play the love interests... more

'The Originals' Season 5 Spoilers: A Grown-Up Hope and a Klaroline Reunion

On the heels of the news that season 5 of The Originals will be the last, the show's creator Julie Plec and members of the cast made a final group appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego. The gang discussed saying goodbye and also dished about what fans can expect when The Originals returns mid-season 2018 (Filming begins Monday, July 24 and will wrap in December.) What's in store for Klaus, Hayley, Elijah, Vincent, Marc... more

'The Originals' to End After Season 5

The Mikaelson Family might believe in "Always and Forever" but that doesn't mean their TV show will be just as immortal. In a Twitter post commemorating the announcement of the end of The Vampire Diaries (and her annual trip to San Diego Comic Con),  Originals showrunner Julie Plec confirmed that season 5 will be the final season of The Originals more


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