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Aired: Nov 12, 2013 , Monday at 20:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: When someone from Hayley’s past makes a startling revelation, she grows concerned for herself and the baby. Amidst growing tensions between them, Klaus and Elijah turn to Sabine for help in locating Hayley, who has gone missing. After making a trip down to the bayou, Klaus has a surprising and dangerous encounter with an unexpected visitor. Meanwhile, Davina more
... makes a surprising connection, and Marcel makes Rebekah an enticing offer that leaves her torn.
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The Hybrid Returns!

Normally after watching an episode of television, people ask "what happened on The Originals"? But after tonight, the question to ask is... What didn't happen on The Originals? What a packed hour that was!  Tyler Lockwood's return has certainly shaken things up in the Big Easy! The Originals Season 1 Episode 7 was chock full of action! All of tonight's story lines were interconnected, but each of them happened in their o... more

Every King Needs an Heir

On this week's episode of The Originals, Hayley's kidnapper is revealed. Klaus becomes jealous over Elijah's burgeoning affection for the mother of his child. A traitor is revealed. Rebekah may get her happily ever after. And the baby poses an unforeseen threat.Green with EnvyElijah's concern over what may lay in store for Hayley is rubbing his brother the wrong way. In Elijah's own words, Klaus treats her like an incubator. But Klaus is spoile... more



'The Originals' Recap: The Bonds of Brotherhood are Tested

On this episode of The Originals, "Brotherhood of the Damned," Marcel struggles to lead the vampires while suffering from a wolf bite, Finn gathers his brothers together in an unorthodox fashion, and Hayley and Jackson move forward with the wedding. Marcel, his newbie vamps and Kol all remain trapped in the compound. Whatever mojo Davina and Kol did to temporarily lift Finn's spell apparently can't be replicated. To make the situation more dire, Marcel got bitten by one of... more

'The Originals' Mid-Season Premiere Recap: Finn Casts a Dangerous Spell

On this episode of The Originals, "Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire," Hayley and Klaus return to the city to deal with Finn. Rebekah learns more about her new surroundings and tries out her new powers. Finn casts a dangerous spell. And Klaus learns of Kol's betrayal. Klaus may have defeated Esther, but his family troubles are far from over. Because Finn is on the loose thanks to Mikael, he has brought love interest Cami to the safe house in Arkansas where Elijah and Hayley are stil... more

'The Orginals' Interview: EP Michael Narducci on Rebekah as a Witch and Dangerous Finn

The Original family has expanded during The Originals Season 2 and it hasn't been a positive reunion for Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. The situation for them is only going to get worse.  TVBuz spoke with Executive Producer Michael Narducci about the decision to bring back the Original parents and siblings, the extent of their stay, the challenges facing Rebekah in her new witch body and Finn's plans. Read on for the first part of our interview with Narducci. more


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