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Aired: Jan 14, 2014 , Monday at 20:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: Locals prepare to celebrate the annual Casket Girls Festival in the French Quarter. Meanwhile, Davina tries to free Cami from Klaus's mind compulsion; and Hayley is forced to make a difficult decision after she receives an unexpected phone call.
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The Casket Girls

Flashback to 1751, Louisiana. Rebekah describes the famous Casket Girls who were heading over to the Governor’s house right before their carriage was attacked. Before the girls could come to any harm, something attacks the men, killing them all. A blood-covered Rebekah reveals herself to the women, telling them that they’re safe now and all the men are gone. “Us girls have got to stick together,” she remarks before they all run off into the night. Back in the present day, Rebekah e... more

No More Boys Club

So, now that an hour has passed since the credits rolled on The Originals Season 1 Episode 10, I feel like I'm in a place where I can form coherent sentences about the MAGIC we all witnessed tonight with this installment. This episode is a special one for me because I was able to be on-set during its filming last November, so maybe it feels extra electrifying. But somehow, judging by the way Twitter absolutely blew up, I think I'm not alone in my feelings of elation and excitement over The Or... more

It's a Man's World

On this week's episode of The Originals, Davina helps Cami regain her memories. Klaus, Elijah and Marcel hunt for Davina. Sophie and Hayley join forces, and Rebekah begins plotting against Klaus once again.When we last saw Klaus and Marcel, they were simpatico and languishing in the power they now co-yield (except Klaus is really in charge) over the Big Easy. Too bad they have managed to piss off some potentially dangerous ladies both human and supernatural. They managed to be so distracted that ... more



'The Originals' Recap: Hayley and Jackson Get Married

In this episode of The Originals, "I Love You, Goodbye," Jackson and Hayley tie the knot. Klaus reveals his latest sinister plan to Elijah. Davina and Beks work to save Kol. And the werewolves learn that Hope is alive and well. Cami is on the run with Hope. After watching the safe house blow up, she's understandably freaked. She stops at a deserted roadside place to make use of something called a pay phone, a quaint free-standing phone that you can feed change into in order to... more

'The Originals' Recap: Klaus, Rebekah and Kol Join Forces Against Finn

In this episode of The Originals, "The Devil is Damned," Finn and Freya join forces to find Hope. Jackson and Hayley's wolf pack grows larger. And Kol and Klaus are forced to trust each other in order to stop Finn. Now that Finn knows Hope is alive and well, he's desperate to locate her. Because she is under the protection of a cloaking spell, he's having a difficult time. He's interrupted by Freya, who has had an extreme makeover since we last saw her, and she'... more

'The Originals' Recap: A Long-Lost Mikaelson Returns

In this episode of The Originals, "Sanctuary," Beks makes a new and powerful ally. Finn interrogates Marcel. And Klaus forbids Hayley to marry Jackson. The Originals has been a bit of a sausage fest of late, so it's nice to see attention shift back to my favorite Original sibling, Beks. Still trapped in the Dowager's Cottage, a sleeping Beks dreams of the mysterious girl in black, who we all guess by now to be her ... more


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