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Shot in the style of a reality show, 'The Next Step' follows a group of dancers who go to "The Next Step Dance Studio", a place where they can compete in dance competitions and strive to do their best. Created by Frank van Keeken, the series airs in Canada and takes a look into the lives of the dancers as they have issues among themselves and try to get through them the best th more
...ey can. Among the cast are: Victoria Baldesarra as Michelle; Alexandra Beaton as Emily and Samantha Grecchi as Stephanie. Together they fight for the spot as Captain and have their own personal issues to try to work out. With betrayal and intrigue, there could only be one Captain in the end.
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  • Season 1
    • 01/03/14
      The Next Step studio is up against Elite Studios as the final two groups to perform at the regionals....
    • 12/27/13
      Reality-style drama following a group of dancers. The Next Step must face Seeds in the semi-final of the regionals....
    • I'm So Excited
      Episode 28
      Reality-style drama following a group of dancers. The dancers take the stage for the first time in their bid to win the regionals....
    • Fancy Footwork
      Episode 27
      Reality-style drama following a group of dancers. The A-Troupe finally head to the regionals, but Seeds may not be able to perform....
    • 12/06/13
      Reality-style drama following a group of dancers. The dancers are excited when their regional costumes arrive, but they are the wrong ones....
    • 11/29/13
      Kate and Chris hold a party at The Next Step Dance Studio for the team to hang out not as dancers, but as friends....
    • Price Tag
      Episode 24
      Chloe's financial problems finally boil over and she is forced to leave A-Troupe....
    • 11/15/13
      When A-Troupe get themselves into a dance battle with the street crew, Seeds, the team finds out that West was a former member of Seeds....
    • 11/08/13
      With Daniel leaving A-Troupe, Michelle and the team try and get Emily to come back....
    • Break Stuff
      Episode 21
      Giselle wants to make her mark in A-Troupe by performing a dangerous lift....
    • We Are Family
      Episode 20
      Riley tries to make her relationship with Emily as sisters work out....
    • First Date
      Episode 19
      With a new A-Troupe assembled, the dancers decide to change the Regionals routine....
    • Brand New
      Episode 18
      A-Troupe decides to hold auditions for two new dancers to replace Emily and Stephanie....
    • Forget You
      Episode 17
      Emily confronts Michelle for her placement in the back row saying Michelle put her in the back row because Michelle has a enormous crush on ...
    • Help
      Episode 16
      Michelle's captaincy gets praised by the dancers once again. Everybody gets mad at Emily for being a drama queen and not trying at all. Emil...
    • Changes
      Episode 15
      Emily and Stephanie struggle with Michelle as the new dance captain. Michelle tries to be friends with Emily since Michelle is dance captain...
    • Sabotage
      Episode 14
      n the summer finale, the E-girls finds out about Michelle's routine. They take Michelle's phone and send mean texts to Emily's phone to get ...
    • 05/31/13
      Emily tries to figure out what Michelle's group is doing. Chloe also joins Michelle's group. Eldon tries to prove to the A-Troupe dancers th...
    • 05/24/13
      Michelle, Riley and James start planning their dance to overthrow Emily as dance captain. As they create a dance to overthrow her, they get ...
    • 05/17/13
      The A-troupe auditions for soloists. When Daniel makes soloist, he gets an injury and keeps it a secret from everyone. Michelle figures out ...
    • Road to Joy
      Episode 10
      Kate tells Riley to go downtown and pick up the sample costumes for regional's and James goes along with her to spend time with her, James b...
    • Brighter Brightest is coming to make a music video with the A-troupe dancers featured in the video. Meanwhile, Riley is such a huge fan of t...
    • 04/26/13
      Eldon realized that he has 2 duet partners Michelle and Emily-leaving Chloe alone. Eldon doesn't know what to do and just keeps the both of ...
    • Love Story
      Episode 7
      Michelle is still at the Elite studio frightened to be in front of the Elite group. She lies and says she wants to audition for the troupe m...
    • 03/22/13
      Emily convinces some of the A-Troupe dancers to spy on their main competition....
    • 03/15/13
      The A-Troupe members go to the beach for a day off while the E-Girls run Dance Camp for the little kids. At the beach, Riley loses Emily's n...
    • 03/14/13
      A dance competition is coming up this weekend so Kate and Chris think they should decide the dance line positions. Emily persuades them to l...
    • Dance, Dance
      Episode 3
      Kate and Chris give Michelle a chance to be dance captain considering her being dance captain at her last studio. Each dance captain had to ...
    • 03/12/13
      Giselle, unfortunately does not make it into A-troupe. Giselle is later kicked out of E-girls for not being in A-Troupe, as the rules are th...
    • 03/08/13
      A-troupe and B-troupe dancers audition to earn a place in the A- troupe. We learn that to be in A-troupe dancers have to earn their place. W...