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"All the cases are based on true ones," says author Maureen Jennings, who reads all scripts and makes suggestions. "A murder case in those days was really sensational – it sold a lot of newspapers. Set in Victorian Toronto, Detective William Murdoch struggles to solves murders using rudimentary forensic techniques. This series is based on the novels by author Maureen Jennings more
... , who says, "The thing is, Murdoch is considered slightly crazy by the establishment. He's a forensics expert when the field was only beginning to be developed. ``He uses the new discovery of fingerprints. In other ways he's stymied – at the time there was no blood-typing. He had a microscope but not a modern type. He was literally feeling his way, developing his own methods for catching criminals." See also the previous series of made-for-tv movies.
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The Murdoch Mysteries Episode Guide | TVBuzer

The Murdoch Mysteries Episode Guide


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AIRED ON February 23,2015

Season 8: Episode 15

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    • 04/17/08
      The body of a man is discovered in a tree. Murdoch and Crabtree cannot find how the man had landed in the tree as there doesn't seem any ind...
    • 04/10/08
      Prince Alfred is stopping by Toronto. The police are asked to take care of his security. Detective Murdoch has no choice in the matter thoug...
    • Bad Medicine
      Episode 11
      Ms Pensall comes to see detective Murdoch to warn him that she saw his death in a vision. She gives him all the details so that he could try...
    • Child's Play
      Episode 10
      The director of an organization helping abandoned kids to find a roof is found stampede by his own horses. The investigation leads Murdoch t...
    • Belly Speaker
      Episode 9
      A cuckold husband finds his wife's lover dead in his room after having broken down the door. The police first think that the husband is the ...
    • Still Waters
      Episode 8
      The body of Richard Hartley, the newest member of a prestigious men' rowing team, is found washed up on a beach after a night of drinking wi...
    • Body Double
      Episode 7
      A skeletal corpse that falls from the ceiling of the Grand theatre is identified as Virgil Smart. His widow, Stella, now runs the theatre wi...
    • 02/28/08
      John Delaney had been on his way home from a ratting match at the local pub and somehow ended up face down in the river. When Murdoch finds ...
    • 02/21/08
      Wendell Merrick is killed in the church on the day he was to marry Eunice McGinty. At first glance, the murder appears to be a robbery gone ...
    • Murdoch teams up with his hero to solve a murder that was revealed during a seance....
    • The Knockdown
      Episode 3
      While the city celebrates the Queen' birthday with a display of fireworks, Murdoch investigates a messy case of fixed fights and shady backr...
    • Glass Ceiling
      Episode 2
      Lawyer Percy Pollack was last seen a week ago. According to his wife, Clara, Percy had gone to a meeting with his business partner, Dr. Gilb...
    • Power
      Episode 1
      Daniel Pratt, owner of Toronto Electric & Light, has made his fortune by lighting the city streets with direct current (DC). But now council...
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