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The retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. The story takes place in a darker, more mysterious and magical Treasure Island - with new friends, foes, laughs and a different storyline from the original book.
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The Legends of Treasure Island Episode Guide | TVBuzer

The Legends of Treasure Island Episode Guide



  • Season 2
    • One For All
      Episode 13
      The treasure is found, but there is one last challenge for everyone - getting the treasure on the ship and sailing home....
    • Double Cross
      Episode 12
      Silver and Pew team up again to follow Ben who should lead everyone to the treasure....
    • The Oracle
      Episode 11
      Silver, Jim and his friends are transported to an underwater realm, where they are about to get executed....
    • Allegiance
      Episode 10
      A new group of pirates arrives and they take out of the island a chest full of treasure. Jim and his friends infiltrate the new ship....
    • Dragon
      Episode 9
      Pew creates a dragon that swallows Jim, Silver follows him in....
    • Antidote
      Episode 8
      Jane is bitten by a snake, Jim and Ben must journey inside a mountain to find a special herb that can help....
    • 05/16/95
      The Squire, believing himself to be dead, finds himself both romantically involved and also in a fight against Long John Silver....
    • 05/09/95
      The Squire is kidnapped and worshiped as an almighty ruler, but Ben finds there's another reason for the worshiping....
    • Emily
      Episode 5
      When they hear music in the middle of the night, Jim and Jane go and investigate. What they find may take their lives....
    • Silvers Bond
      Episode 4
      To save his own neck, Silver makes a deal to bring the soul of another instead of his, to serve an eternity in the underworld....
    • Silver didn't exactly die, but he does go to the island's underworld - where he actually makes improvements....
    • Reunion
      Episode 2
      Separated from everyone else, Jane enters Captain Flint's ship 'The Skull'....
    • Consequence
      Episode 1
      The island has been destroyed, but there is still a small chance of saving it if Jim and Ben succeed....
  • Season 1
    • 12/03/93
      When Long John Silver fires a cannon ball to an ancient fire-god statue, the entire island reaches it's untimely end....
    • Tails We Win
      Episode 12
      Jane decides to run away after being ignored. Unknown to Jane, the pirates attack and take prisoners the rest of the explorers. Now Jane mus...
    • 11/19/93
      Ben steals the map for a noble cause. Is he a friend or foe?...
    • 11/12/93
      Jim falls into a pool which gives him visions of what is about to come. It's up to JIm to decide about his fate....
    • 11/05/93
      Long John Silver drinks the water from what he thinks to be the Fountain of Youth, only to find it is in fact the Fountain of Truth....
    • 10/29/93
      Long John Silver is after a lost compass that should lead him to the treasure, but when a merman prince promises to help in exchange for fin...
    • The Labyrinth
      Episode 7
      When Pew uses the Squire as bait, Jim and his friends must find him in a dangerous labyrinth. Meanwhile, Long John Silver has different plan...
    • 10/15/93
      Dr. Livesey and Jim discover a magical cave, but when Jim rushes in, nothing stays the same. When it seems it can't go any worse, the pirate...
    • 10/08/93
      Captain Flint's ghost rises up from it's grave once a year, Jim and his friends try to use this in order to lure the pirates into a trap....
    • 10/01/93
      When entering Flint's crew graveyard, Jane finds a ring that turns her invisible, but can't take it off her finger. Believing the treasure i...
    • 09/24/93
      Jim and Jane take a boat to Skeleton Island and loose the map. Unfortunately, Long John Silver finds this out....
    • 09/17/93
      After building up camp, Jim, Jane, Dr. Livesey, Squire Trelawney and Captain Smollett are out looking for the treasure, when they stumble up...
    • 09/10/93
      Jim leaves the Admiral Benbow after being chased by pirates. With his new friends, Jim sets sail to Treasure Island....
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