The Last Man On Earth

Aired: Mar 19, 2017 , Sunday at 21:30 on FOX

Between Seasons

Episode Summary: Todd and Tandy dig deep into Melissa's pre-virus past, as they search for answers about her illness, and Carol adopts a new outlook on life.
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FOX Renews 'Gotham' and 'Last Man on Earth,' Both for Season 4

Batman and the Last Man are both staying on FOX for a fourth year. The network has officially renewed Gotham, as well the Will Forte comedy The Last Man on Earth, both of which will head into their fourth seasons. Gotham has become a staple at FOX and, with the new series The Gifted, the ne... more

'Mad Men' Star January Jones Reveals the 2 'Bachelor' Stars She Wants to Date

Lately, no matter who it is, what they are promoting or what show they are on, conversations on late night talk TV have turned to The Bachelor. January Jones, Mad Men alum and current Last Man on Earth star, is no different in expressing her not-so-secret love for the reality franchise. Unlike som... more

2016 Critics' Choice Award Nominations: 'Game of Thrones' and 'O.J. Simpson' Take the Lead

Hosted by TJ Miller ( Silicon Valley), the 22nd annual Critics' Choice Awards has released this year's nominations. Game of Thrones and The People v. OJ Simpson have taken a strong lead. In overall network nominations, HBO towers above the rest with 22. A little further behind comes Netflix, with Stranger Things and more


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