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A renowned adventure reporter, who has spent his life exploring the edges of the earth, is now taking a desk job in the digital department of the magazine. He must adapt to the times and his new world. He’s struggling to grasp the lingo of online click-bait and listicles, but his real challenge is in understanding his staff of millenials who write about the great outdoors but more
...never actually set foot outside.
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The Great Indoors Episode Guide | TVBuzer

The Great Indoors Episode Guide


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AIRED ON April 13,2017

Season 1: Episode 19

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AIRS ON April 27,2017

Season 1: Episode 20


  • Season 1
    • 05/11/17
    • 05/01/17
      Jack gets caught up in Roland and Brooke's family drama when they both enlist his help to keep bombshells about their love lives from each o...
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 04/27/17 AT 08:30 PM ON CBS

      The Great Indoors Season 1 Episode 20: The Heartbreaker | TVBuzer
      Jack sets up a double date to get Eddie out of a post-divorce rut, but the night gets awkward when they run into Eddie's ex-wife. Emma decid...

      The Great Indoors Season 1 Episode 19: Ricky Leaks | TVBuzer
      Ricky Leaks
      Episode 19
      When Jack insults Ricky, the magazine's I.T. manager, the "techspert" exacts his revenge by leaking office emails that cause the staff to tu...
    • Party Paul
      Episode 18
      When Jack takes Brooke's fiance, Paul, and Roland out on the town to improve their lukewarm relationship, his plan backfires when Paul gets ...
    • Cubicles
      Episode 17
      Jack can't concentrate because of the millennials' distracting juvenile behavior, so Brooke installs cubicles in the bullpen as a remedy....
    • Aaron Wolf
      Episode 16
      Jack watches the millennials' journalistic integrity slip away when they fall under the spell of his nemesis, Aaron Wolf, a former magazine ...
    • 03/09/17
      When Jack fixates on his relationship with Rachel to the detriment of the magazine and his friends, Eddie and Roland try to break him of his...
    • 02/23/17
      Jack desperately begs his co-workers to pretend to be his closest friends at a dinner party after his lack of an inner circle begins to conc...
    • DTR
      Episode 13
      When Jack dates a millennial to avoid commitment, he needs Clark, Emma and Mason's help to keep up with his new girlfriend, Kaylie, and her ...
    • 02/09/17
      When jealousy prompts Jack to insult Brooke's fiance, Paul, at the couple's re-engagement party, he makes things worse by repeatedly botchin...
    • Mason Blows Up
      Episode 11
      Jack tries to reassert his dominance as a reporter after Mason scores an investigative coup that turns him into an overnight celebrity. Also...
    • 01/12/17
      When Mather, the president of the Chicago Adventure Society, accuses Roland of faking the story of the expedition that made his career, Jack...
    • 01/05/17
      Jack tests the Millennials' survival skills when he takes them camping for the first time and leaves them alone in the woods without their s...
    • 12/15/16
      Jack regrets convincing Human Resources to toss out a "no inter-office dating" rule when he needs an excuse to break up with his co-worker, ...
    • @emma
      Episode 7
      When Emma quits after being turned down for a raise, Jack and Roland become the magazine's newest and worst ever social media managers. Also...
    • Going Deep
      Episode 6
      When Jack is clueless about how to help Eddie through the pain of his divorce, Brooke steps up to be Eddie's interim best friend. Also, a co...
    • No Bad Ideas
      Episode 5
      Human Resources forbids Jack from giving his staff any feedback at all after he crushes Clark with a brutally honest performance review. Als...
    • 11/17/16
      The Millennials discover a huge secret about Jack's love life when they clean out his decades-old storage unit. Also, Clark and Mason use Ja...
    • 11/10/16
      Jack faces the ultimate test of his survival skills when he's forced to crash at Clark's tiny apartment while he searches for a place of his...
    • Dating Apps
      Episode 2
      Clark, Emma and Mason try to help Jack create a profile of himself for an online dating app after his first attempt is disastrous....
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      In the series opener, we find Jack, a renowned adventure reporter transitioning to the role of a desk bound boss, overseeing a team of twent...
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