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Aired: Apr 28, 2013 , Sunday at 21:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: On the night of Peter’s gubernatorial election, Alicia, Will and Diane race to a series of emergency court proceedings when Zach believes he’s witnessed vote tampering. Meanwhile, an unlikely source offers Cary aid to start his own firm, while the conflicted feelings Alicia has in her personal and professional lives come to a head.
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What’s In The Box?

The episode begins with Zack arriving to vote. He spots a broken seal on of the ballot boxes. He tries to click a picture, but the ballot monitor shoos him away. Alicia calls Eli. She tells him that Zach had gone for early voting and saw a stuffed ballot box with Krestva’s votes. Eli tells Alicia to put Diane on it. Eli tells his manager about this situation and the manager assures him that he will take care of it. Cary, and the other fourth years, are looking at their new office. It is too expensive for them to ... more

Finale Has Alicia Finally Made Up Her Mind?

It's election time on The Good Wife again. But for Alicia Florrick, there's even more at stake than whether she'll be First Lady of Illinois. With a spectacular roster of guest stars, The Good Wife ushers out a stellar season 4 on a high note. Even better, it ends with a surprise move that I doubt most of us could have seen coming.Night CourtIn "What's in the Box?" Zach's back with his cellphone camera, just as in season 4's premiere. This time, instead of catching a corrup... more

Personal Sabotage

Oh, Alicia! She's a mess, isn't she? The last few weeks have been rough on this good wife. She's struggled with her feelings for Will and questioned whether Lockhart/Gardner is the firm for her. In "What's in the Box?," Alicia made a decision, but not the one she probably should have made first. It's a good thing that The Good Wife has already been renewed for season 5, considering that cliffhanger. I fell without question for the finale door ope... more



'Dancing with the Stars' Recap: Most Memorable Years for the Top 10

Pull out a box of tissues because it's the saddest night of the year. Dancing with the Stars is celebrating the Most Memorable Years of the 10 remaining contestants, which is always a mixture of tragedy and nostalgia. There's Bindi remembering her late father and Nick remembering the early years of the Backstreet Boys. And as if the dancing wasn't enough, host Tom Bergeron is taking the night off due to a family emergency , giving us the o... more

'The Good Wife' Season 7 Premiere Recap: Has Alicia Bonded with a Potential Partner?

You've got to admire Alicia Florrick. She's survived a lot in the last couple of years: her lover's death, the creation of a new law firm, a lost partnership, a successful run for office followed by unwarranted disgrace and a husband's betrayal (again) -- to name a few highlights.  It's amazing that she hasn't checked herself into a secluded spa for a long (and well-earned) vacation. But then she wouldn't be the Alicia we love. Once again, she faces a rebuilding year. The question is: what will she build and who will she build it with? Thanks to the... more

Casting Bits: 'Arrow' Adds a Love Interest, 'The Good Wife' Gets a New Attorney, a Big Return for 'X-Files'

As the majority of major network shows rev up production for the upcoming fall season, a plethora of casting news has started to pour in. CW is adding to their ever expanding DC Universe with three new characters coming to Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Peter Gallagher is joining  The Good Wife in a recurring role. A major character is set to return in the upcoming more


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