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Eleanor Shellstrop is an ordinary woman who, through an extraordinary string of events, enters the afterlife where she comes to realize that she hasn't been a very good person. With the help of her wise afterlife mentor, she's determined to shed her old way of living and discover the awesome (or at least the pretty good) person within.
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  • Somewhere Else

    Somewhere Else

    In yet another jaw-dropping season finale, The Good Place Season 2 Episode 13 sends the four humans back to Earth to see if they could have become better people while they were still alive.

    Before being sent back to Earth, however, Chidi finally recognizes his feelings for Eleanor.

    In typical Good Place fashion, two moments that been a season or more in the works pass so quickly there's barely any time to process before everything changes again.

    Janet professes her love for Jason, and he says he loves her too. Chidi kisses Eleanor, but the two barely have a chance to exchange any words before Michael and Judge Gen announce their plan.

    Although I found myself wishing for more time to enjoy seeing Eleanor and Chidi happy together, the scene was fitting.

    The spur of the moment kiss, more than anything else in the season, shows how much Chidi has grown. He had an epiphany as he watched Janet and Jason, and he made a d...


  • The Burrito

    The Burrito

    The Good Place delivers another knockout episode, full of one-liners, surprise twists, and a special guest star! 

    On The Good Place Season 2 Episode 12, the four humans meet the judge who will decide if they deserve to go to the Good Place. Shawn is furious at Michael for helping the humans escape, and he plans to punish Michael for eternity. 

    Maya Rudolph guest starred as the judge, and as soon as I saw her on screen, I squealed in delight. 

    Rudolph was full of energy in the role, and she had great chemistry with the four regular cast members. She also delivered some of the best one-liners in the show's history. 

    And I love your passion! I mean, it takes a lot of guts to just show up here unannounced. Plus, I haven't had a case in like 30 years and I'm super bored. So, it's either this or start Bloodline. And I don't know. I just don't feel like I can see Kyle Chandler as anyone else but Coach Taylor.

    Judge ...


  • Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent

    Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent

    In the best of the season, The Good Place Season 2 Episode 11 takes the humans, Janet, and Michael to Bad Place Headquarters.

    Most of the prior episodes of The Good Place Season 2 have had standout moments for only a select couple of characters. The acting is consistently excellent all around, but of necessity, not everyone can be the star all the time.

    What really feels special here is that none of the six main characters shines brighter than any of the others. They each have at least one moment in which they steal the scene.

    While Tahani continues name-dropping in hell, she revels in playing the role of Rhonda. Her accent and mannerisms are hilarious, and it was enough to take my focus off her constant self-absorption.

    The irony isn't lost on me that I find her more tolerable when she's pretending to be someone she's not, but I have hope for her yet: she went without any major insults!

    Janet is fantastic in her dual r...


  • Best Self

    Best Self

    Taking things at a refreshingly slower pace than most of the previous season two episodes, The Good Place Season 2 Episode 10 allows the characters to take time to reflect and look to the future.

    The episode starts with an element of immediacy: a hot air balloon can take them to the real Good Place, as long as they are the best versions of themselves.

    When Michael reveals the balloon won't really take them to the Good Place and the scale isn't real, I was annoyed. Almost half an episode spent arguing about the balloon seemed like a waste of time.

    In true Good Place fashion, however, the balloon had a higher purpose after all. While the balloon can't physically take them to the Good Place, the conversations it sparks bring greater self-awareness.

    By the end of the episode, Michael, Janet, Eleanor, Chidi, and Tahani all recognize they are still growing. Jason remains...Jason.

    Michael embraces his inner human and cho...


  • Leap into Faith

    Leap into Faith

    The writers take The Good Place Season 2 Episode 9 in a completely different direction than the cliffhanger at the end of the last episode pointed, with a fantastic payoff.

    After half a season of wondering whether or not Michael sympathizes with the humans, his intentions seem clear now: the humans are his friends, and he wants to help them. 

    Eleanor asks Chidi, Tahani, and Jason to take a leap of faith with her in believing Michael, while Michael takes his own leap in hoping that the humans will unravel some of his clues.

    Notably, however, the humans' leap requires more trust than Michael's. If Eleanor is wrong in trusting Michael, the humans will be sent to the real Bad Place. If Michael's clues aren't clear enough for the humans to discover, they'll be sent to the Bad Place, but Michael will still be in Shawn's good graces.

    The humans could avoid the real Bad Place by trying Chidi's plan or even escaping to Mindy's house after ...


  • Derek


    This episode of The Good Place has it all: humor, romance, drama, and a Home Alone reference. What more could you ask?

    The Good Place Season 2 Episode 8 is the show at its finest. Not only does it feature a fantastic story for Janet and the boyfriend she created on The Good Place Season 2 Episode 7, but it also shows the growth of Jason and Tahani's relationship and heightens the romantic tension between Eleanor and Chidi.

    D'Arcy Carden continues to shine as Janet, and her additional screen time is a welcome addition to the show.

    The power she brought to pre-emotional Janet shouldn't be underestimated. Although she makes it look easy, it takes considerable comedic chops to play Janet in her usual form.

    The Janet we've seen recently, however, gives Carden even more with which to work. She nails it, from her screaming matches with Derek to her arrival in front of Jason and Tahani as depression personified.

    Speaking ...


  • Janet and Michael

    Janet and Michael

    The four humans of The Good Place make little more than cameos in tonight's episode, but Janet and Michael prove they are more than capable of carrying the episode on their own.

    The Good Place Season 2 Episode 7 is the best of the season so far, due in large part to D'Arcy Carden.

    There isn't a weak link in the cast of The Good Place, but D'Arcy Carden is quickly establishing herself as a breakout star in her role as Janet.

    Carden is brilliant. Because Janet isn't supposed to have feelings, Carden can't express Janet's depth in the traditional ways.

    Usually, the person playing the "straight man" is allowed to laugh along with a joke sometimes, but because Janet is a non-human database, Carden can't do that.

    Rather than taking this to the extreme and playing Janet with pure stoicism, she brings levity to the role. Her peppy voice in grave situations, as when she suggests that Michael kill her, adds depth and humor to eve...


  • The Trolley Problem

    The Trolley Problem

    The Good Place is on a roll this season, but unlike Chidi's trolley, nothing stands in the way of this show's momentum.

    The Good Place Season 2 Episode 6 is yet another fantastic episode, with a particularly excellent performance by William Jackson Harper as Chidi.

    Harper, always a delight in his role as Chidi, stands out in "The Trolley Problem." In his best performance yet, Harper portrays Chidi's agony in making an actual trolley problem decision flawlessly. 

    While always thoughtful, we don't usually see the emotional side of Chidi. Tonight, however, Harper highlights a range of emotions from Chidi. He's desperate and traumatized by the trolley problem, but he continues to participate since Michael claims it's helping him.

    We see Chidi at his angriest after realizing Michael is torturing him. Always forgiving, Chidi is back to teaching Michael by the end of the episode.

    Harper plays this rollercoaster of emotions bel...


  • Existential Crisis

    Existential Crisis

    Tonight's episode of The Good Place finally breaks the repetitive cycle of the beginning of the season. The Good Place Season 2 Episode 5 is the perfect mixture of hilarity, physical comedy, and ethical complexity that makes this one of the best comedies on television.

    Among the most exciting surprises of this episode, Michael's dalliance with humanity turns deep, and Tahani and Jason find a spark between them.

    "Existential Crisis" is Ted Danson's best episode of the series. He plays Michael's wide range of emotions with ease, from his descent into existential crisis, his high spirits during his midlife crisis, and finally back to his semi-normalcy.

    When Michael enters his existential crisis, his actions and emotions are exaggerated, but they never feel unrealistic; after all, he's a non-human who's never been confronted with the inevitability of death.

    Danson's physical comedy shines in this episode, particularly at the moment he...


  • Team Cockroach

    Team Cockroach

    While not its best, The Good Place Season 2 Episode 4 is still packed with the laughs and moral dilemmas that make this series irresistible.

    The Good Place at its worst is still better than most comedies on television. Although this wasn't my favorite episode, it provides necessary exposition to inform the season and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

    It featured more Tahani than we've seen in a while. She was the only human whose cause of death was not revealed during The Good Place Season 1, and her flashback does not disappoint.

    She went out in the most Tahani way possible: in a fit of rage after being upstaged and looked down upon by her sister yet again; she attempted to take down a large golden statue of Kamilah.

    Tahani was crushed under the enormity of her sister's achievements, both literally and figuratively.

    At the beginning of the series, I was not keen on Tahani. I couldn't stand her condescension and self-ri...


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