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Aired: Jan 04, 2018 , Thursday at 20:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: Michael receives a surprise visitor. Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason attempt to solve a riddle.
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This episode of The Good Place has it all: humor, romance, drama, and a Home Alone reference. What more could you ask? The Good Place Season 2 Episode 8 is the show at its finest. Not only does it feature a fantastic story for Janet and the boyfriend she created on The Good Place Season 2 Episode 7, but it also shows the growth of Jason and Tahani's relationship and heightens the romantic tension between Eleanor and Chidi. D'Arcy Carden continues to shine as Janet, and her addition... more



The Good Place's Manny Jacinto Picks a Side in Janet vs. Tahani, Hints at a 'Smarter' Jason (!) in Season 3

There are two kinds of Good Place fans: those who want to see Jason end up with Tahani, and those who like him better with Janet — and now Manny Jacinto has made his allegiance known. Jacinto, who plays the dopey Jason on NBC’s afterlife comedy, tells TVLine he’s firmly a member of… Team Janet. “I mean, I love Tahani, but there’s something about Janet and Jason’s interactions,” he explains. “There’s just so much love, and I hope to see that continue to flourish in this new season.&rdq... more

The Good Place Season 3 Premiere: See How Michael Saves Eleanor & Co.

Eleanor and the gang are getting a new lease on life in The Good Place‘s upcoming third season, thanks to a little divine intervention. The NBC comedy returns exactly where its game-changing finale left off, with our favorites — Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason — returning to Earth with no memory of their experiences in the afterlife. But this time, Michael is ready to step in. “I’m heading on down to Earth to reverse the deaths of these four people,” he tel... more

THE GOOD PLACE Season 3 Cast Promo Photos

From executive producer Michael Schur (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Master of None”) comes a unique comedy about what makes a good person. The show follows Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell, “House of Lies,” “Veronica Mars”), an ordinary woman who enters the afterlife, and thanks to some kind of error, is sent to the Good Place instead of the Bad Place (which is definitely where she belongs). While hiding in plain sight from Michael (Ted Danson, “Cheers,” “CSI&rdqu... more


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