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Aired: Aug 15, 2017 , Tuesday at 20:00 on ABC Family

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Episode Summary: Callie is torn with turning over a new leaf or supporting a cause that means a lot to her, while Jude and Taylor begin making gaming videos that earn them unwanted notoriety. Stef makes major headway in her case.
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Will Jesus Drop Out of School?

Previously on The Fosters, after leaving art class, Callie was stopped and asked to sign a petition to block an anti-immigrant speaker from speaking at the college. She initially declined to sign the petition but changed her mind after Ximena told her about her experience with DACA. Mariana forged her permission slip to join the roller derby team. Mike proposed to Anna. And Jesus had a seizure after attending a warehouse rager with his siblings; he also told his parents and Emma that he wanted to drop out ... more

Welcome to the Jungler

The world can be a shitty place, and human beings can be awful.  There is a notable shift in the tone of Freeform shows, The Fosters included. This show doesn't pull any punches or mince words. As evident in The Fosters Season 5 Episode 6, there's a rawness to the show's ability to address controversial issues without dancing around them. This season's approach of presenting them, straight up no chaser, is already making it stronger than the previous season. Protesting... more



'The Fosters' Sneak Peek: Will Callie Go to Prison?

The future is looking bleak for Callie, who is about to face her fate in the spring finale of The Fosters. Though the possibility of jail has tormented Callie since she left the scene of the car accident that she and Troy caused at the beginning of the season, the likelihood of going behind bars has never been more apparent until now. In the first clip, Stef and Callie ponder on their options -- either Callie takes a plea deal and goes to jail for three years, or goes to trial and risks an... more

Freeform Sets Summer 2017 Premiere Dates for 'Shadowhunters,' Fosters' and More

Freeform has revealed its plans for Summer 2017, including the returns of two hit dramas currently airing plus a new series about the fashion world. Shadowhunters will return for the second half of season 2 on Monday, June 5 at 8/7. The mid-season finale airs Monday, March 6. In the summer, it will be joined by season 3 of Stitchers, also premiering Monday, June 5 at 9/8c. Meanwhile, more

'The Fosters' Winter Premiere Recap: Callie's New Role and Revelations All Around

In the winter premiere of The Fosters season 3, titled "First Impressions," Callie's "Fost and Found" idea starts taking off, and she questions whether she'd really be a good role model. Meanwhile, Stef learns something about her health and about a past incident involving their whole family. Plus, Lexi's back, but is that a good thing? Juilliard or Bust This episode of The Fosters open... more


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