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Aired: Mar 21, 2017 , Tuesday at 20:00 on ABC Family

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Episode Summary: Stef starts a new assignment in human trafficking where she meets a young girl turning tricks on the streets.
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Does Callie Reconnect with AJ?

When Callie sees AJ doing something unexpected, she sets out to reconnect with her boyfriend in this episode of The Fosters, titled "Diamond in the Rough." Plus, Stef starts her new job, Lena deals with the administrative politics of Anchor Beach, and Mariana and Jesus come up with a brilliant project that could help jump-start Jesus' progress with his traumatic brain injury.A Diamond Under PressureStef starts work in the human trafficking division at the police station. Through that, she ... more

Diamond In The Rough

The smiles were few and far between. There is so much hurt and betrayal circulating on The Fosters Season 4 Episode 17. Just about every member of the Foster clan is in dire need of a hug. There were some good things that happened during the installment, too. Human trafficking is one of those hot button issues that we're fortunately becoming more and more aware of these days. Especially, if you live in one of the hot areas where it's prevalent and on the rise. ... more



Freeform Sets Return Date for Second Half of 'The Fosters' Season 5

Freeform has announced that the second half of The Fosters season 5 will premiere on Tuesday, January 9. The network aims to continue to explore storylines about immigration and transgender people in the upcoming episodes. " The Fosters has never shied away from tackling important social issues like immigration rights, LGBTQ rights and adoption rights," said series executive producder more

'The Fosters' Sneak Peek: Will Callie Go to Prison?

The future is looking bleak for Callie, who is about to face her fate in the spring finale of The Fosters. Though the possibility of jail has tormented Callie since she left the scene of the car accident that she and Troy caused at the beginning of the season, the likelihood of going behind bars has never been more apparent until now. In the first clip, Stef and Callie ponder on their options -- either Callie takes a plea deal and goes to jail for three years, or goes to trial and risks an... more

Freeform Sets Summer 2017 Premiere Dates for 'Shadowhunters,' Fosters' and More

Freeform has revealed its plans for Summer 2017, including the returns of two hit dramas currently airing plus a new series about the fashion world. Shadowhunters will return for the second half of season 2 on Monday, June 5 at 8/7. The mid-season finale airs Monday, March 6. In the summer, it will be joined by season 3 of Stitchers, also premiering Monday, June 5 at 9/8c. Meanwhile, more


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