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Aired: Mar 21, 2017 , Tuesday at 20:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: Barry and team are surprised when Mon-El and Hank Henshaw arrive on their Earth carrying a comatose Supergirl who was whammied by the Music Meister. Unable to wake her up, they turn to Team Flash to save her. However, the Music Meister surprises The Flash and puts him in a similar coma, one that Team Flash can't cure. Kara and Barry wake up without their pow more
...ers in an alternate reality where life is like a musical and the only way to escape is by following the script, complete with singing and dancing, to the end. This episode began in Supergirl S02E16.
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Why Does the Music Meister Trap Barry and Kara in a Musical?

There's no place like home -- especially for Barry and Kara, who are trapped in a musical in the Supergirl/Flash crossover. After putting the whammy on Kara on her Earth, the Music Meister made his way to Barry's Earth at the end of Supergirl and does the same to the speedster at the beginning of this episode of The Flash, titled "Duet."So while their friends -- J'onn and Mon-El are the ones to bring Kara to this Earth -- can really only monitor their vitals for most of the episode... more


All Barry and Kara needed was love. That's what the not-so-villainous Music Meister wanted to teach the superheroes on The Flash Season 3 Episode 17 "Duet." And obviously the only way to do that was for him to trap the speedster and girl of steel in a movie musical. The only thing at risk were their lives. Yes, it sounds silly. No, the alternate reality musical did not further the plot much for The Flash or Supergirl, aside from fixing the status of their l... more



'The Flash' Season 4: Adds Comic Relief Casting The Elongated Man

Cisco should watch his back; The Flash has cast an extra dash of comic relief for season 4. Plus, much like Mr. Ramon's go-to snack, this newbie will be able to stretch, twist, and fight crime. Okay, okay, I took that a wee bit too far. Twizzlers are not, unfortunately, renowned for their deductive reasoning. DC's Elongated Man, however, most definitely is. As Ralph Dibney, Miss 2059's Hartley Sawyer will bring the Justice League hero to Central City this fall. more

Meet the New Characters of 'The Flash' Season 4

Expect several new faces when The Flash returns for its fourth season. As announced at San Diego Comic Con, at least three new players will be arriving in Central City, including the season's big bad. Danny Trejo as Breacher   Breacher is a bounty hunter from Earth-15 who also happens to be Gypsy's (Jessica Camacho) father. Since his "mission is to prevent any inter-dimensional traveler from threatening life on his planet -- especially his daug... more

'The Flash' Season 4 Spoilers: Iris Is the New Team Leader, 'The 100' Actor Cast as the Thinker and More

The Flash might have ended on the biggest cliffhanger of any of The CW's superhero shows. In the season 3 finale, Barry willingly imprisoned himself in the Speed Force and the team was left to go on without him. At San Diego Comic Con, The Flash explained how the show will go on (at least temporarily) without Barry and what can be expected from season 4 overall. With Barry gone, Cisco and Wally will be stepping up as the ... more


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