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Aired: Mar 14, 2017 , Tuesday at 20:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: Desperate to stop Savitar and save his friends, Barry turns to the speed force for answers. H.R. gives Jesse some advice.
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Into the Speed Force

Oh, Barry. What did you do? As usual, our favorite speedster's heart was in the right place on The Flash Season 3 Episode 16, "Into the Speed Force." But his execution could definitely use a little work. Especially the part where he wanted space from Iris. Seriously, WTF were you thinking, Barry? On The Flash Season 3 Episode 15, Iris ended their engagement once she suspected Barry only proposed to change the future. Now that she's had some time to sit with ... more

What Does Jesse Learn About Savitar?

The Flash brings back several familiar faces in this episode, as Barry travels into the speed force in hopes of finding and saving Wally (which isn't an easy task). Fortunately, he gets some help from a speedster friend.Also in "Into the Speed Force," the other speedster in Central City, Jesse, doesn't feel like just sitting around and doing nothing while she waits, so she becomes determined to track down Savitar herself. And when she does, she comes out of that fight with some important information. more



Should Caitlin Be the Big Bad of 'The Flash' Season 4?

With Killer Frost no longer "in charge" of Caitlin Snow, she kept her powers and is still tempted to turn evil and use them. She's no longer Caitlin, but no longer Killer Frost. She's someone else, with the powers to stop Barry. The Flash has already turned friend into a foe with Harrison Wells 1 AKA Eobard Thawne and with Jay Garrick / Zoom, but with Caitlin, it'd be different. She's been such a long, trusted ally of Team Flash, and her turning against them (not just temporarily, ... more

Why H.R. Should Be the Last New Wells on 'The Flash'

Along with all the other tricks that The Flash has pulled off for the past three seasons, there has always been at least one new Wells each year. The Flash completely recognizes the acting talent they have in Tom Cavanagh and have asked the actor to play a plethora of different versions of ostensibly the same man. It's been a fun little running gag on The Flash, pun... more

'The Flash': 8 Emotional Moments of Savitar's Last Stand and Barry's Sacrifice from the Season 3 Finale

In the season 3 finale of The Flash, Barry and Team Flash deal with the fallout of losing a loved one and Barry prepares for a final face-off against Savitar. Meanwhile, Cisco battles Killer Frost, several familiar faces return, and there is one last twist to set up for season 4. Take a look back at the most memorable moments from episode 23, "Finish Line." H.R. Dies more


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