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Aired: Mar 14, 2017 , Tuesday at 20:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: Desperate to stop Savitar and save his friends, Barry turns to the speed force for answers. H.R. gives Jesse some advice.
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Into the Speed Force

Oh, Barry. What did you do? As usual, our favorite speedster's heart was in the right place on The Flash Season 3 Episode 16, "Into the Speed Force." But his execution could definitely use a little work. Especially the part where he wanted space from Iris. Seriously, WTF were you thinking, Barry? On The Flash Season 3 Episode 15, Iris ended their engagement once she suspected Barry only proposed to change the future. Now that she's had some time to sit with ... more

What Does Jesse Learn About Savitar?

The Flash brings back several familiar faces in this episode, as Barry travels into the speed force in hopes of finding and saving Wally (which isn't an easy task). Fortunately, he gets some help from a speedster friend.Also in "Into the Speed Force," the other speedster in Central City, Jesse, doesn't feel like just sitting around and doing nothing while she waits, so she becomes determined to track down Savitar herself. And when she does, she comes out of that fight with some important information. more



'The Flash': How Much Did Barry Allen Screw up in 'Therefore I Am'?

Can Barry Allen be a screw-up in an episode of The Flash in which he is essentially correct about everything? You wouldn't think so, but Barry is talented at making mistakes. What were his biggest screw-ups in "Therefore I Am"? Barry's Screw-ups Although Barry absolutely knows that Clifford DeVoe is the evil mastermind (literally!) behind the bus metas, he does not do very well at proving this. He and Joe do a rather clunky job interviewing the De... more

What Is DeVoe's 'Enlightenment' on 'The Flash'? Cast Teases 'Ride of Your Life'

The Flash revealed Clifford DeVoe's endgame in "Therefore I Am," but left us to fill in the details.  After an episode whose title paid homage to Descartes, it was no surprise to learn The Thinker (Neil Sandilands) wants an "Enlightenment." Minds today are too caught up in trivialities, it seems, bouncing from one cat video to the next, incapable of digesting one of Professor DeVoe's mind-numbing lectures. Once upon a time, the teacher sought to expand his mind in an effort to... more

'The Flash' Interview: Grant Gustin on Barry's Obsession with DeVoe and Upcoming 'Dark Turn'

Barry has come face-to-face with his greatest adversary to date. Will he realize the threat sitting in front of him? On tonight's "Therefore I Am," the battle between Team Flash and The Thinker moves in a new direction. Grant Gustin sat down to talk to TVBuz and other reporters in Vancouver earlier this month to discuss Barry's obsession with DeVoe, the Thinkers' plan, how Barry's quest will affect the team, and Barry and Ralph's detective skills. Read on for edited excerpts from the interview. What can you tell us ab... more


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