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Aired: Apr 21, 2014 , Monday at 22:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: The extraction team who worked for Ranko Zamani besting the FBI are back to take a Chinese scientist. Even after sicking the FBI onto them, Red has a job of his own for the team of brothers.
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Will Tom Admit the Truth?

This week's episode of The Blacklist, titled "The Pavlovich Brothers," begins with people getting vaccinated in a labor camp in China. A nurse suspiciously does something weird and I think a needle is switched. A guard shakes his head like he's in on it. Just then, the woman that was injected has a seizure. The nurse wants to take her to the hospital and a guard doesn't want to let them, but they go. Then the people in the ambulance start speaking English! The army men figure out what happened and surroun... more

Another Mysterious Box

It was a box under the floor which made Liz suspicious of her husband. Will it now be another box that shifts that suspicion from Tom to Red? The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 19 was not a good hour for Liz. She confirmed her marriage was a farce, her husband ridiculed her for being easily manipulated, and then she found out that Red may not be who he says he is either. Poor Liz.  For someone who's supposed to be an excellent FBI agent, she sure gets played a lot. And, br... more



FOX Sets Premiere Dates for 'American Idol' Season 14 and 'Empire'

The original singing competition show is returning to FOX in January 2015, and this season it will be joined by the new hip-hop family drama Empire. American Idol season 14 will kick off with a two-night, three hour event. The auditions begin Wednesday, January 7 at 8pm with a one-hour episode, followed by a two-hour block on Thursday, January 8 at 8pm. Rya... more

'The Blacklist' Mid-Season Finale Recap: Liz Settles Her Tom Problem

"The Decembrist" is The Blacklist's last offering before it goes on deep freeze until February 1 (yes, you read that right), and it holds all the twisty, Blacklisty, head-spinning, mind-blowing turns that we expect and take for granted from the NBC hit.  Last week revealed that Tom was behind Liz's super-secret door #1 and Red's been stalking food truck lady because she's Berlin's daughter. So... more

'The Blacklist' Recap: Liz Goes Looking for Berlin

"The Scimitar" is the latest bad guy itching for a Red/Liz takedown in this week's episode of  The Blacklist. The hitman has targeted an important scientist in the case of the night that will lead to a world of trouble for Liz and Ressler, some mighty revenge for Agent Navabi and Red finally getting a face-to-face with Berlin. It wouldn't be The Blacklist without a huge reveal at the end, and this episode gives u... more


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