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Aired: Apr 21, 2014 , Thursday at 21:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: The extraction team who worked for Ranko Zamani besting the FBI are back to take a Chinese scientist. Even after sicking the FBI onto them, Red has a job of his own for the team of brothers.
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Will Tom Admit the Truth?

This week's episode of The Blacklist, titled "The Pavlovich Brothers," begins with people getting vaccinated in a labor camp in China. A nurse suspiciously does something weird and I think a needle is switched. A guard shakes his head like he's in on it. Just then, the woman that was injected has a seizure. The nurse wants to take her to the hospital and a guard doesn't want to let them, but they go. Then the people in the ambulance start speaking English! The army men figure out what happened and surroun... more

Another Mysterious Box

It was a box under the floor which made Liz suspicious of her husband. Will it now be another box that shifts that suspicion from Tom to Red? The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 19 was not a good hour for Liz. She confirmed her marriage was a farce, her husband ridiculed her for being easily manipulated, and then she found out that Red may not be who he says he is either. Poor Liz.  For someone who's supposed to be an excellent FBI agent, she sure gets played a lot. And, br... more



'The Blacklist' Recap: The Keys to the Fulcrum Are Unlocked

The Blacklist is finally back after leaving us sadistically hanging as we remember Red's life was hanging in the balance last time we saw him. Red was shot and bleeding profusely, Liz and Dembe under attack.  Do we really think that Reddington will be exiting The Blacklist? Nah, this isn't a Shondaland show, people. Nevertheless, the tension and fighting to save Red builds to a kick butt climax in one of the best action sequences the show has offered. And in true Blacklist fashion, "Leonard Caul" gives us another reveal. The nature of the f... more

Why a 'Full House' Revival Is the Worst Idea Ever

In television's never-ending parade to revive everything '90s, it looks like Netflix may revive Full House. According the reports it would be a sequel series focusing on grown up versions of DJ Tanner and neighbor Kimmy Gibbler. So the news that many doubtless thought was a delayed April's Fools prank looks that it is becoming a reality. The question is does anyone actually want this revival/sequel? I certainly don't. The Original Full House Wasn't Amazing ... more

'The Blacklist' Recap: Everyone Wants a Piece of Liz

The Blacklist is all stylized storytelling with complicated characters and a fondness for making us look at right and wrong from a slightly skewed angle. We might call it ethically challenged. "Vanessa Cruz" gave us the familiar formula with an almost clinical execution. We saw Liz facing her usual internal conflicts, Red trying to get the mystical fulcrum, and a Blacklister who offered up much more than a clichĩd, all bad villain. But it's those twisty, unexpected turns that tr... more


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